10 Minutes - Bicycle Indoor Kinetic Trainer

Hi. It's Joe.

I work out a lot more in the winter now, since my mom gave me her indoor bicycle trainer (make and model shown on right).

I am not a cold weather person. I don't mind activities like sledding or snowboarding, but they aren't my passion either. When it is really cold out, forget it. Nothing worse than freezing on a ski lift as it carries you back up the hill, just so you can tumble your way down it again. I guess if I was better at snowboarding, I might not mind. But honestly, I don't think of it as much of a workout, even though I am usually sore afterwards.

I like warmth. I will workout outside when it is 95 degrees of pure heat and sweat balls, no problem. But if it is under 40 degrees, I can be easily persuaded to stay in.

I would probably do snow shoeing or x-country skiing before I would do downhill skiing/snowboarding. Snow shoeing seems like a decent workout, especially if it is hilly. Plus, it seems more social because you can walk around with friends and talk and stuff while you are doing it.

Even when I exercise on the trainer, I need my house to be fairly warm, like 70 degrees, at least in the rec room where I keep the thing. I usually drink a hot beverage beforehand to warm me, even though I know I am going to sweat. Maybe I have poor circulation.

The trainer itself is cool, because I can ride my own bike, rather than an exercise bike. I can adjust the tension and use the shifters to make it harder or easier as I go. I also get caught up on my Netflix cue while I am riding my bike, which is nice.

It's also cool because you don't have to do anything to the bike. The wheel stays on and the trainer clamps onto the axle bolts, with no adjustment needed.

I'm not a lazy person, but I have needs when it comes to working out. I don't think I should sacrifice luxury for a workout. This is America dammit! 21st century America no less.

I've got songs to write. It's February Album Writing Month (FAWM). I wrote one so far, and you can grok on it HERE - fawm.org/songs/10939. It is called "43 (is Prime)." I think it is pretty catchy.

I heard Google is favoring more original content when it comes to searching the web. That should help get me more web traffic. I pity the fools who are not yet subscribed to this blog and its karmic power.


43 (is Prime)
by Cactus Joe
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