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Hi. It's Joe.

My band, GUPPY EFFECT, had an article about us published on the web site MadisonBeatnik.com and it is really good. You should read it HERE.

In full disclosure, I am a volunteer staff writer for MadisonBeatnik.com. However, this is more an effect of the GUPPY EFFECT article being written, rather than a cause. The administrator of the MadisonBeatnik.com site has been a fan of GUPPY EFFECT since long before I knew about this awesome web site, and he fully intended to write the article about us irrespective of my interest in being a contributor to the site.

But when I found out about the site, I thought it was kickass and I wanted to be a contributor to its success. And I am. But I didn't write the GUPPY EFFECT article, and you should still read it.

I started my new job last Tuesday and so far I love it. The technical communications work is exactly what I want to do, and the people who work there are awesome. Unlike the vitamin company I worked for previously, this company actually contributes meaningfully to improving health, and everyone is there to promote the same life saving vision, rather than their own petty self-interests. It is really refreshing and great to be doing work I enjoy and am passionate about. It's hard to explain how different this company is from any place I have ever worked. The people here are intellectual power houses, physicists and engineers who really know what they are doing, unlike my former managers.

Their work (and mine) directly affects the health of cancer patients, so we know we have to be as awesome as we can be because lives are at stake. The dress code is casual because the company isn't about image, it is about results. The vitamin company was all about image and this is why meaningful scientific research fell by the wayside there (and ultimately was the reason I "fired" my boss and the company to pursue other things).


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