10 Minutes - Top 100 New Songs Will Include "Blizzardzilla"

Hi. It's Joe.

I wrote my second FAWM 2011 song today. It didn't come easy, but it is called BLIZZARDZILLA and I embedded it below for your listening pleasure.

I should back link to the actual song on the FAWM site from a keyword like top 100 new songs. There are only nine (9) sites in the world with that keyword phrase in that word order in the URL. Since I titled this blog post the way I did, the URL for this post should rank in the top 10 (nine?) for a Google search for that phrase. I guess we will see after I post this.

I think the URL has to be in Google's index. I am not sure if that happens automatically, or if I have to go index it somehow. Sparxmind would know. Maybe.

Anyway, I started on an idea for FAWM 2011 Song #3. It's going to be catchy pop pop punk. I will work on it some more tomorrow.

I have really squandered this 10 minutes doing Market Samurai searches for good "new music" keywords. I hope all that effort proves fruitful.


by Cactus Joe
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1. Make Your Own Business Cards.

2. Gentle Leader Head Collar for Dogs.

3. Bicycle Indoor Kinetic Trainer.

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