10 Minutes - Rode NT1A Studio Condenser Microphone Revisited

Hi. It’s Joe.

MyRode NT1A studio condenser microphone arrived.

I haven't used it yet. But I used my buddy Bryon's back in February to record this song.

We used it for everything except the bass guitar. All the vocals and the guitar were recorded on this microphone. Conversely, the drums are fake. They are Apple Loops.

Caitlin is off to visit family in Illinois the next couple of days. I am going to balance my books, work on vocals for my lesson tomorrow, practice GUPPY EFFECT songs for rehearsal tomorrow, and if I have time I will practice some piano for my lesson Monday.

Having a job I like and money again is pretty cool. Outside my living room window there is a light snow falling. Spring hasn't quite locked in for the duration yet. The neighbor kids are tooling around on their BMX bikes, bundled up in parkas and wool caps against the still nippy winter air.

Tonight, GUPPY EFFECT acoustic duo is going to rock a coffee shop gig at Waterhouse Foods Cafe in Lake Mills WI. It is from 7 to 9 PM and although there is a $2 cover, it is waived if you buy the house food dish for $5. Tonight it will be pesto and mushroom pasta, as requested by me. They always do a food dish requested by the performer. So it is like getting a free show and a dish of tasty food for only $3.

They also have booze and stuff at Waterhouse. Stefan is coming over around 5 PM to run through a few songs before the gig. My buddy Big Dave might come to the show. So it should be a good time.

Anyway, I literally have to cut this one off at 10 minutes, so I can get all this crap done before Stefan arrives at 5 PM. I hope you are having a fun time these days. I haven't heard from you in ages, so why don't you take 30 seconds to leave a brief comment on this post.

I would love to hear what you are up to.

(My GF Caitlin made this flyer. Isn't it good? I could be biased...)


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