10 Minutes - Memorial Day Weekend

Hi. It's Joe.

I had a very relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

I remembered to mow the yard on Monday, which I had off from work. While I was doing that, I noticed that the rhubarb was overgrown and I decided to harvest a bunch of it.

Now I need to find something to do with it all. I suppose I will make some baked goods. Rhubarb has a strange smell. I wonder how and why people decided it would be a good basis for baked foods.

I also put up a bird feeder and laid some landscape fabric in my yard for a future Prairie Garden. The landscape fabric is black and over the course of the summer, solar heating and a lack of sunlight transmission through the fabric will neutralize the grass and weeds (along with weed seeds) on that patch of ground. Next spring, I will innoculate it with prairie wildflower seeds, which will go through a season of vegetative growth, putting down roots, and two years from now it should explode in wildflower radiance. Talk about an exercise in Zen discipline.

I was going to go to Alt Brat Fest on Sunday, in protest of Actual Brat Fest, but thunderstorms deterred me. Instead, on Monday night, I bought a bunch of Klement's brand (not Walker-supporting Johnsonville brand) brats and Italian sausages and had my own Brat Fest at home.

Just so you know, for future reference, Klement's brand brats and Italian sausages do not contain any MSG or toxic nitrates (although they use less toxic BHA and citric acid as "freshness enhancers"). It is these additives that make you feel disgusting after eating a corporate Johnsonville brat. No joke. MSG is a mild neurotoxin and nitrates are liver toxins that can, over time, cause liver (as well as colon) cancer.

Monday during the day, I cruised down to Rockforf IL and met Caitlin, her brother, and grandparents, at the intercity bus depot there (the Clocktower). After we saw off Caitlin's brother (to Ohare Airport and, ultimately, Zambia Africa), we went for ice cream at the Machine Shed.

All told, a decent weekend.



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