10 Minutes - This Does Not Suck

Hi. It's Joe.

I just downloaded the Blogger app for my Droid.

This is me testing it out. Right now I am going to try taking a picture.

I took a picture of cheese. It is not the same picture of cheese I used on my whole food vitamins blog, http://wholefoodvitamins.posterous.com, a little while ago. But it is the same cheese.

I got a skin for my Droid. It might help to protect it if I accidentally drop it again. It snaps onto the phone. The only down side is that it is in 2 pieces, by necessity, because my Samsung Transform Droid (who I nicknamed Sammy the Tranny) has a slide out keypad. I am typing on said keypad now, and I would not trade it for the world. It is so much better than the screen keypad.

Well, I am rambling. Gonna go eat cheese, Chinese food, and some brown rice. Expect pictures on http://cjscicomm.blogspot.com. then I am gonna cook some chicken for later. Then who knows?

I am a little bummed that there have not been any reports of Rapturing and subsequent zombie attacks.



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