10 Minutes - Time to Socialize, I Guess

Hi. It's Joe.

I am heading out to a social in a little bit. A few months back, an offshoot of cover band BABY ROCKET, from Madison WI, played at a girl's birthday party. Said girl, named Lisa, decided to thank us by having us over for dinner and drinks. Thus, in a few short minutes here, after I get done with this post, I am going to shower and head over there.

Today I met my friend Sherry at the Cafe on the Park in Lake Mills, WI.

She and her BF Todd used to live in Lake Mills, but they moved to Osh Kosh. So it is rare to see them. She was in town to do some cleanup at her old house, that she is selling. Anyone looking to buy a house in Lake Mills WI?

Most of the afternoon here, I have been dicking around on the computer, tightening up some of my blog sites and doing a couple of quick and dirty SEO posts here and there.

For example, I wrote a post titled "Common Sense Writer" on the Red Stapler Brigade site. I don't know who runs that site, but it is awesome.

On my Business Cards affiliate site, I wrote two (2) posts:

As title keywords go, these were both quite good and relatively low in competition, serving no purpose than to get junk traffic to my business card site. Who knows, a small number of those people might be looking for some free business cards.

I learned something today. It is something really useful for bloggers. When you have a site URL you want to backlink to from another site, Google only recognizes the FIRST OCCURRENCE of that URL, and ignores all the ones that follow. So there is no sense doing multiple backlinks in a single blog post. You should spread it out among many blog posts and only do it once per post.

But you can backlink to DIFFERENT URLs in the same post and they will all have ranking potential. Thus, you can backlink to different posts on the same blog, and all of them will count because the blog post links are all unique.

Cool huh?

Well, I have to go get ready for this party.


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