10 Minutes - Carpool and the Power of Positive Thinking

Hi. It's Joe.

Do you believe in serendipity? What about the power of positive thinking?

I guess I do. It defies logic and reason...or does it?

It does seem to happen fairly regularly, more often than random chance would predict.

But I think the human penchant for creativity drives the phenomenon.

I have been wishing I could carpool to work for a few weeks now, but considering where I live, I thought it would be impossible to find someone who lived in my neck of the woods.

But I still wished for it and optimistically hoped for it, ignoring the "negative" thoughts about the unlikelihood of it.

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised, at a work social last Friday, to discover in conversation that one of my co-workers lives in nearby Lake Mills WI.

I queried him about the car pool option and his work schedule and mine are compatible.

So today we are going to give it a test run.

If it works out, we will both cut our commuting gasoline bills significantly. Not in half, because it looks like Mondays and probably Thursdays, we'll have to go it alone due to after work conflicts.

But I just thought it was interesting that a carpooling option manifested itself a couple of weeks after I started seriously wishing for it.

I don't think it is any kind of mystical thing, like "The Secret."

I think I just had a vision and slowly guided my "universe" into harmony with that vision through the creative process.

You create your own reality.


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