10 Minutes - I'm Ambivalent About Amy Winehouse's Death (Age 27 is Spooky Though...)

Hi. It's Joe.

It is never cool when someone dies. It's sad.

But did Amy Winehouse not think living a life of unbridled sex, drugs, and booze might not be her demise? Most of America did, though they probably lived the rock-n-roll life cathartically through her.

I was never a fan of her music. She had some singing talent, I guess. But in this age of commercial pop drivel, technological production is the more spectacular thing you notice about music today. The pop stars are just the packaging.

Some people are going to say her death at age 27 (same as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin) is spooky. I say it is more likely a self-fulfilling prophecy. The woman clearly had a death wish, or she would not have spent have her time fucking herself up with booze and drugs.

I blame the music industry for her death. Her sensational lifestyle sold records and you can bet the record label suits did very little to tame it. I also blame the American public for eating it up and secretly wanting to be her.

If Amy Winehouse had been a quiet, mellow type like Nora Jones, would she have sold as many records? I don't have the answer.

But you do, so leave it as a comment below.

See ya!


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