10 Minutes - Up to the Cabin This Weekend

Hi. It's Joe.

I have not written for a while. Sorry.

A lot has been happening, but that is no excuse not to post.

Last weekend, Guppy Effect, the greatest band in the world, played 2 sweet shows on our mini-tour of WI over July 4 weekend.

On Saturday July 2, we rocked the pants off of the patrons at Carp's Landing in Lake Mills WI. Then we woke up early Sunday morning and cruised up to play Crivestivus in Crivitz WI, after gobbling down a whole bunch of scrambled eggs.

After our 3 to 4:30 pm set at Crivestivus, we went cliff jumping into the Peshtigo River. That was a blast. I did the thrilling 30 foot jump twice and then the "baby" 12 footer a bunch of times. Guppy Effect did a collective band jump that was caught on video, but I am still waiting for the guy to send me the video, so I can't post it yet.

I am going up to the cabin this weekend to fish for giant bass. Last weekend we went snorkeling in Shell Lake where the cabin is and we got a school of large bass following us by overturning rocks to release the crawdads underneath, which they love.

Thus, I am going to fish with a crawdad lure, although I actually have better luck with my fake, but very realistic looking, minnow lure.

I am in carpool right now, stuck in traffic but not driving. So it was a good opportunity to post. Now I am going to tack on some relevant links and you can either stop reading now and go about your business OR click on them to see what delights I have in store for you.



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