5 Minutes - Bike With Melinda 2011


Hi. It's Joe.

"Bike With Melinda," the small bike ride I host in northwest WI every Labor Day (with or without, but mostly without, original host Melinda Holm-Peterson) is going to happen again this year, on Sunday September 4 in Shell Lake WI.

I will post more deets soon, but I wanted to start seeding the idea in your head that you should come. If you have attended in the past, then you know. But feel free to leave a comment here to guide those who have not been as fortunate.

In summary, we gather at my parents' lakeside cabin on Labor Day Saturday for a variety of water sports, games, and grilling, depending on weather. Sunday we ride a very leisurely social ride through the scenic rural northwoods, ending up in Stone Lake WI for afternoon socializing.

The stronger riders can opt to ride bikes back to Shell Lake and others can hop on the shuttle (usually my dad's car with bike rack) afterwards, for more lake side fun at the cabin.

Monday we all chip in to tidy up and head home at a leisurely pace.

If all goes well, we will see black bears, eagles, deer and other wildlife.

Stay tuned. It's a fabulous time.


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I'm going!