10 Minutes - Bike With Melinda is Soon

Hi. It's Joe.

My annual Labor Day bike ride, BIKE WITH (OR WITHOUT) MELINDA, is this weekend. We have room for one or two more people, but it's about full. Let me know if you want to come and have a very fun weekend away. Possibly the funnest.

GUPPY EFFECT played at Delavan MetalFest last weekend. It was a bit of a disappointment. The organizers failed to secure BEER and since this is Wisconsin, very few people came. It was mostly the bands and a handful of their friends, largely high school aged, since they can't drink anyway. I am so sick of playing crappy gigs, especially when they have so much promise and then fail utterly.

But we did rock, for what it is worth. So did most of the other bands we heard after our much too early 2:30 PM set. Stefan and I left about 5 PM because my buddy Matt Alba was playing a coffee shop show at Waterhouse Cafe in Lake Mills.

On Sunday, I once again performed at Laura Stone's Music Show in Lake Geneva WI. I have played there two other times, once with Stefan. The only downer is that it is in Lake Geneva, which would otherwise be a cool town except for the mass of Illinois tourists who swamp and thus ruin it. It has this over-populated lake that they all come to and clog up with their motor boats. I guess they don't have any cool lakes like WI has in Illinois. But its popularity also ruins it. It is one of those catch 22s. Parking sucks until the tourists start to go home about mid-afternoon.

That said, the turnout was pretty good at Carvetti's, where the music show is hosted. So good, in fact, that I thought the bar could stand to give the music performers a free drink or two. But the greedy bastards wouldn't. Laura Stone was super cool though and bought me a glass of vino.


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