10 Minutes - Birthday Party Rock Shows

Hi. It's Joe.

A lot of people don't know this, but GUPPY EFFECT likes to rock birthday party shows.

We are playing one tonight in Madison WI. It's for a co-worker.

We will be playing a house party at the very house where Chris Farley supposedly partied. That should bring some excellent rock-n-roll vibes from the distant cosmos to fuel our rock.

This morning I watched "The Story of Anvil." It was an inspirational story or perseverance that will also fuel my rocking tonight. After seeing that film, there is no amount of music industry BS that I should complain about ever. It's nothing compared to what these guys experienced. But all the while, they kept the faith. Now they have a movie publicizing their 13th and 14th albums. Go Anvil!

On Rocktober 8th, GUPPY EFFECT rocks another birthday party for a close friend. That one will be at a golf course, rented out for the occasion (not by us). What I love about rocking birthday parties is that you generally get a lot of people out who are there to have a good time and flail.

It is so much nicer than playing at crappy Wisconsin dive bars where the patrons at the bar face away from the stage, wishing the band would stop annoying their alcoholism with their music. I could see GUPPY EFFECT adopting a new "party only" business model.



10 Minutes - Creative Outlets

Hi. It's Joe.

Per usual, my awesome rock-n-roll band GUPPY EFFECT will be going on winter hiatus in the late fall. Most year's this is around Halloween time. We usually put on a huge Halloween party rock show, like the Hay Market show last year, and then spend the winter months writing songs and practicing to rock even harder the following spring.

This year it will be a little different. Instead of a Halloween show, we are going to do a Thanksgiving show/party (at Carp's Landing in Lake Mills WI on Saturday November 26).

This is to thank all our friends and fans for many years of rock-n-roll fun with us, and hopefully celebrate more to come.

The winter hiatus includes FAWM in February, a song-writing marathon that usually produces a handful of new original tunes we can put into rotation the following year.

On a personal level, though, I have been directing a lot more of my creative juices at writing actual writing. You think these blog posts are just random, but actually they are like practice for writing. It's like how an athlete trains for an event. What is my event? I'm not sure yet, but I want to be ready when it comes.

I still want to write my novel about an alien band that uses it's popular music to brainwash humanity, turning them into a legion of rampaging zombies to conquer earth.

I love SPOTIFY, by the way.



10 Minutes - Today Will Be Alright (All Other Things Held Constant)

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm writing this during carpool, but I am not driving, so don't worry. My coworker is driving. From previous posts you know that he is the guy who likes to drive into work during the height of rush hour traffic, so I ought to have plenty of time for writing this, as we are crawling through the stop-n-go traffic on the beltline highway in Madison WI.

Tonight, my parents are taking me to the American Players Theater in Spring Green WI. I don't know what play we are seeing but the place is known for Shakespeare, so I am guessing Shakespeare and if I had to place a bet on it, I would bet on Shakespeare.

There, I said Shakespeare three (3) times in one, albeit run-on, sentence.

The show isn't until 8 PM, so my parents will pick me up from work and we'll go out to eat someplace. That is part of why I did not drive pool today. My coworker can leave work when he wants and I don't have to drive him home.

There is a show on WPR (WI Public Radio) about languages right now. I really should pick up learning Welsh again. You always hear people say Americans are monolingual. I don't want to be counted in that number, but I also don't want to be the standard conventional American whose second language is Spanish. I once knew Spanish decently well, but I never use it. Welsh is a cool language though. I could learn it and then go to Wales. I don't think it would ever pay off. I doubt anyone would ever ask me to teach it. I have always been kind of unconventionally punk rocker that way, increasing my own personal value with complete disregard for what society views as value.

Speaking of punk rock, I am learning the NOFX song "Creeping Out Sarah" for my Cactus Joe solo set. You can find that song on SPOTIFY (you are on Spotify, aren't you?). I would like Guppy Effect to play it too, but I already ask them to do a lot and already overwhelm them with my penchant for quality rock-n-roll.



10 Minutes - Netflix Does Not Suck and If You Think So You Are a Damn Needy Whiner!


You are reacting emotionally and without reason to Netflix's decision to raise their rates.

How quickly your forget the days of $120/month cable TV with intermittent service and crappy customer care. How quickly you forget the days of driving down to Blockbuster to get a movie, only to find the one you wanted to watch all sold out.

For years, Netflix asked you to pay a mere $10/month to basically tell the cable providers to shove it up their wazzoos, and they corraled the U.S. Postal Service into hand delivering DVDs of your choice to your mailbox whenever you wanted them. And you could keep them as long as you wanted, no late fees, or anything. One price. Boom. Goodbye.

Now, why do you want to go sticking it to Netflix just because they need to raise their fees in order to stay in business? They've been good to you for so long and now you want to abandon them? When the cable company raised your rates and lowered the quality of service, you grumbled, but you still forked over the cash and had no choice of programming or provider.

You are behaving like a bunch of whiny, needy, spoiled brats.

And yes, you were spoiled. Netflix was and is awesome to America. They provide a great service dirt cheap. Even at $20/month, they are a bargain. And if you aren't watching enough shows to make that worth your while, then you probably don't need Netflix at any price.

So get it together America. Netflix saved us from charlatan cable companies and box stores. Don't be so greedy and needy. Cool?



8 Minutes - Bike With (or Without) Melinda 2011

Hi. It's Joe. Bike With (or Without) Melinda 2011 was a success and here's a video of highlights.


It's a bike ride I host every Labor Day weekend up in northern Wisconsin with a small group of friends.

Let me know if you want to go next year.

But not until next year.



2 Minutes - Fish

Hi. It's Joe.

The fishing was hot today, just one fish after another. I even caught a Northern but it is not shown because I threw it back. These are small mouth bass.

I saw a cool looking mushroom walking back from my aunt and uncle's cottage. I think it's a variety of amanita known as the "white death."

This morning I had an uneventful trip to the Twin Cities to pick Caitlin up for Bike With Melinda, which is tomorrow. We ate at Denny's.



10 Minutes - It is BWM Weekend

Hi. It's Joe.

BWM Weekend has started. It technically started when I left work tonight, after a grueling day and week. I am really looking forward to some fun up in northern Wisconsin.

I realized something today. Well, I probably realized it a long time ago, but put it to words today.

I prefer QUALITY over QUANTITY in my life. It's really the only way to go, for me. I really have everything of quality I need.

That's not to say I don't want for things. But the things I have are quality. Good job. Good house. Good friends.

I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones I have are quality. I prefer it that way. It would suck to have a million casual friends who weren't quality friends.

I still want to have a nice acoustic guitar someday. But it doesn't bother me that I don't yet have one. I am going to start trying some out though. I won't buy one if it isn't quality.

This weekend is going to be a quality weekend. I don't have too many people going on BWM, but that's cool. It's funner in a small group.

Humans work well in small groups. In big groups they are savages.