10 Minutes - Birthday Party Rock Shows

Hi. It's Joe.

A lot of people don't know this, but GUPPY EFFECT likes to rock birthday party shows.

We are playing one tonight in Madison WI. It's for a co-worker.

We will be playing a house party at the very house where Chris Farley supposedly partied. That should bring some excellent rock-n-roll vibes from the distant cosmos to fuel our rock.

This morning I watched "The Story of Anvil." It was an inspirational story or perseverance that will also fuel my rocking tonight. After seeing that film, there is no amount of music industry BS that I should complain about ever. It's nothing compared to what these guys experienced. But all the while, they kept the faith. Now they have a movie publicizing their 13th and 14th albums. Go Anvil!

On Rocktober 8th, GUPPY EFFECT rocks another birthday party for a close friend. That one will be at a golf course, rented out for the occasion (not by us). What I love about rocking birthday parties is that you generally get a lot of people out who are there to have a good time and flail.

It is so much nicer than playing at crappy Wisconsin dive bars where the patrons at the bar face away from the stage, wishing the band would stop annoying their alcoholism with their music. I could see GUPPY EFFECT adopting a new "party only" business model.


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