10 Minutes - Netflix Does Not Suck and If You Think So You Are a Damn Needy Whiner!


You are reacting emotionally and without reason to Netflix's decision to raise their rates.

How quickly your forget the days of $120/month cable TV with intermittent service and crappy customer care. How quickly you forget the days of driving down to Blockbuster to get a movie, only to find the one you wanted to watch all sold out.

For years, Netflix asked you to pay a mere $10/month to basically tell the cable providers to shove it up their wazzoos, and they corraled the U.S. Postal Service into hand delivering DVDs of your choice to your mailbox whenever you wanted them. And you could keep them as long as you wanted, no late fees, or anything. One price. Boom. Goodbye.

Now, why do you want to go sticking it to Netflix just because they need to raise their fees in order to stay in business? They've been good to you for so long and now you want to abandon them? When the cable company raised your rates and lowered the quality of service, you grumbled, but you still forked over the cash and had no choice of programming or provider.

You are behaving like a bunch of whiny, needy, spoiled brats.

And yes, you were spoiled. Netflix was and is awesome to America. They provide a great service dirt cheap. Even at $20/month, they are a bargain. And if you aren't watching enough shows to make that worth your while, then you probably don't need Netflix at any price.

So get it together America. Netflix saved us from charlatan cable companies and box stores. Don't be so greedy and needy. Cool?


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