10 Minutes - Today Will Be Alright (All Other Things Held Constant)

Hi. It's Joe.

I'm writing this during carpool, but I am not driving, so don't worry. My coworker is driving. From previous posts you know that he is the guy who likes to drive into work during the height of rush hour traffic, so I ought to have plenty of time for writing this, as we are crawling through the stop-n-go traffic on the beltline highway in Madison WI.

Tonight, my parents are taking me to the American Players Theater in Spring Green WI. I don't know what play we are seeing but the place is known for Shakespeare, so I am guessing Shakespeare and if I had to place a bet on it, I would bet on Shakespeare.

There, I said Shakespeare three (3) times in one, albeit run-on, sentence.

The show isn't until 8 PM, so my parents will pick me up from work and we'll go out to eat someplace. That is part of why I did not drive pool today. My coworker can leave work when he wants and I don't have to drive him home.

There is a show on WPR (WI Public Radio) about languages right now. I really should pick up learning Welsh again. You always hear people say Americans are monolingual. I don't want to be counted in that number, but I also don't want to be the standard conventional American whose second language is Spanish. I once knew Spanish decently well, but I never use it. Welsh is a cool language though. I could learn it and then go to Wales. I don't think it would ever pay off. I doubt anyone would ever ask me to teach it. I have always been kind of unconventionally punk rocker that way, increasing my own personal value with complete disregard for what society views as value.

Speaking of punk rock, I am learning the NOFX song "Creeping Out Sarah" for my Cactus Joe solo set. You can find that song on SPOTIFY (you are on Spotify, aren't you?). I would like Guppy Effect to play it too, but I already ask them to do a lot and already overwhelm them with my penchant for quality rock-n-roll.


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