10 Minutes - A Brief Respite

Hi. It's Joe.

I got my mixing and mastering class homework done yesterday. It didn't take too long. I had to track a lead guitar part over the bridge. I kept it simple and melodic, not complicated and melodramatic.

It was a nice day and completely free from responsibilities other than the aforementioned homework assignment. I took Buddy out to the Jefferson dog park and ran/walked about 3 miles.

I didn't practice for my vocal lesson that I have tonight, but I did get an early night. I got into work a bit early this AM. It didn't behoove me to do so, but it makes me feel better about leaving work at 4:30 for my lesson. No one can say I didn't put in the hours.

Guppy Effect (the brand) is going on hiatus while I develop a new 4 piece that will have a frontman singer, as I envision it. All new brand with new image and song repertoire. Theatrical more than musical, I hope. I am not adverse to having the lyrics to songs on a music stand in large print to facilitate the "second nature" image of focusing on performance vs. remembering how to play songs and sing them.


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sparx said...

This new band sounds awesome!