10 Minutes - The Dudes Are Here

Hi. It's Joe.

The delivery dudes are here with my new dehumidifier that my guitar player has been begging me to get for weeks. Now he can't complain about the dampness anymore. The dudes also took away my old freezer in the basement. I never used it, except once I tried putting a guitar amp in there and using it like an isolation chamber. That didn't work. So it was effectively useless to me.

I have a dental appointment on October 20. I am doing an experiment. The dentist is always saying how flossing daily will improve my gum line (not that it is bad). I don't believe it. I brush every day but I usually only floss every once in a while when I think I need it.

Not this time. I am making it a point to floss daily and I haven't missed a day yet. This time, if the dentist gives me crap about my gums I will know that flossing is a load of crap. On the other hand, I am a skeptic, not a denier. In scientific experimentation, you have to accept the reality of the experimental outcome. So if she says my gums look fabulous, then OK. I will accept that daily flossing is a good idea.

On the other hand, humans survived for millions of years without dental floss, by eating a wholesome whole food diet, which I largely do (and as indicated above, in the past I have tended to let the junkiness of my diet determine when I should floss...ice cream = floss, vegetables = no floss, unless it's broccoli or corn on the cob, then floss). So I think flossing is overrated. Although, early humans did not live as long as people do today, so it is hard to say if maybe they would have lost all their teeth, given more gum disease. But a crappy diet accelerates gum disease and early humans did not have that option. With the exception of seasonal honey and maybe maple syrup, they did not eat much sugar at all, until agriculture came along and made everyone fat and toothless.


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