10 Minutes - Rocking With Jeebus Preebus

Hi. It's Joe.

Tonight I had band practice with my new band, Jeebus Preebus. We are starting to define our sound now, and it is kind of a high energy hard rocking sound, which I like.

There is no place for low energy in rock-n-roll.

I have been diligently sticking to my lifestyle challenge for November-December, of working out for 45 minutes five days per week. This morning I rode the exercise bike for 47 minutes and watched an episode of Mad Men on Netflix.

I realize it is still October, but I always like to preamble my lifestyle challenges with a buffer period to get into the swing of it.

Also, as I mentioned on my whole food vitamins blog, on the days when I run 3 miles, I only have to do 30 minutes or more. Running is more intense than other activities and 3 miles is about all I can do. It takes about 35-40 minutes, depending on my pace.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I am in top shape. My blood pressure is 77/122. That was measured shortly after I drank a mammoth cup of coffee too. I could still stand to lose a few pounds, and that is why the increased exercise regimen has been put in place. In addition, the holidays are coming. I don't want to miss out on the goodies. This level of exercise will allow me to boost my basal metabolic rate, so I will actually burn more calories at rest than a sedentary person of equal height and weight would.

Also, when I work out at the small gym at work, I can read books. I am almost done with Bart Ehrman's "Jesus Interrupted." It's quite good. My mom sent it to me. Did you know that most cultures do not worship the Bible as holy the way Americans do? Most Christians in the rest of the world view it as a holy book, but they do not worship it. I think Americans need to get out of their comfort zones more and experience what the rest of the world does.

This weekend, GUPPY EFFECT is playing at a Halloween party in Madison WI. In a few weeks, on November 19, I believe I am going to sing IRON MAN by Black Sabbath at the Madison Music Foundry Student Jam. That will be fun. I should dress up as Ozzy even though it will be a little bit past Halloween by then.


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