15 Minutes - Rough Week So Far

Hi. It's Joe.

I tend to not be much of a complainer, and that's not what I am doing now.

But it doesn't change the fact that my stress levels are high this week.

I somehow managed to inadvertently hurt a close friend. My hot water heater sprung a slow leak. Work is incredibly busy and stressful (still challenging and fun though...I guess that is eustress?). I am not sleeping well. My TMJ is worse (probably stress related). I might not be able to go on vacation this weekend. I had to fix the dryer exhaust duct work. The weather is yucky (not under my control though). And there are probably a couple of other things I missed.

On the bright side, my song LIL RED HEAD GIRL that I used for my music mixing and mastering class turned out pretty good. And my new rock-n-roll band, Jeebus Preebus, is very fun. We had practice last night and I enjoyed it.

I also have started working out at lunch because there is a small gym at work, complete with locker room and shower. Very few people use it and there is a stationary bike, elliptical, and treadmill, as well as weights. The elliptical has a book stand so I can read. I am hoping that working out 3-4 times per week at work will not only improve my work productivity but also improve my current sour mood and also drop a few pounds off my wasteline.

I am reading an intriguing book about Jesus and the Bible. It is a historical critical analysis by Bart Ehrman called "Jesus Interrupted." Very open minded, scientific, skeptical approach, which I can relate to. And if I can relate, then I can learn. I am of the mind that Bible Study cannot consist of just reading the Bible, especially if you are untrained in the historical critical scholarship surrounding the good book. Rather, you can learn a lot more by reading the analysis of experts and then using the Bible as a cross reference. This gives you a context for understanding that a vertical reading of the Bible can't give you. As Ehrman points out, Christians have an inherent bias in their analysis and interpretation of the Bible, so it is best to look at multiple sources, both religious and secular, particularly early ones, before the dogma of Christianity took hold and filtered the Gospel messages toward the membership goals of the church.

Still not a Christian, and no ambitions to go that route, but definitely more understanding of the religion, which is good. Understanding breeds compassion and I think if Jesus was right, then he would appreciate that.

Well, now that I got that off my chest, I feel better and now I can go focus on the tsunami of work I have to do. Back to the grind.


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