10 Minutes - CYBER MONDAY, Singing Lesson, and a Workout

Hi. It's Joe.


That means nothing to me. I didn't order a single thing online at work today. I didn't even surf the Web. The only thing I bought offline was groceries, on my way home from work. That was after my singing lesson in Madison, so actually the grocery stop was on my way home from that, en route from work.

I am done with commercialism, and so is most of my family. At Christmas, we will get presents for my niece and nephew, still too young to have a healthy skepticism for corporate advertising. But the rest of us will value our time together and maybe treat each other to meals or ice cream or whatever.

My family will be congregating in Colorado this holiday season. That will be fun. The next three weeks are going to be heinous at work. But then I will get rewarded with 2 weeks off. I don't mind working hard at work. It's a great group of people I work with. The new corporate overlords (from California) have a different culture than the prior owners. But in general, they leave us alone to be productive and get stuff done.

Tonight I am going to workout on the stationary bike. Actually, in just a few minutes, after my dinner settles a bit. Tomorrow after work, I have band practice with BABY ROCKET and on Wednesday after work, I have band practice with my new band, JEEBUS PREEBUS.

I am playing drums on the song pick we are working on this week, and it is not as easy as the prior two songs I have to play drums on. So after my workout, I am going to spend some time on the drum kit. I still plan to get a fairly early night, in bed before 10 if I am expeditious.



10 Minutes - Musical Mitosis

Hi. It's Joe.

Think of my band GUPPY EFFECT like a eukaryotic, single-celled organism.

Now, picture that single cell undergoing mitosis, resulting in two "daughter" cells.

Call one of those offsprung daughter cells "JEEBUS PREEBUS" and call the other one "UBERGROOP."

Now, the analogy isn't perfect, because usually when a cell divides asexually, the two daughter cells are identical to each other and the parent cell.

In the band analogy, the two resulting "cells" are very different. One is going to play almost exclusively cover songs and the other almost exclusively originals. GUPPY EFFECT will no longer officially exist, but will unofficially play show here and there.

GUPPY EFFECT rocked it's "last show" at Carp's Landing in Lake Mills WI last night. But no sooner had we set up the music equipment when the owner Kathy said she really wanted us to play some more shows in 2012. We will keep these off the books, but we will do it, because Carp's Landing is a great place for a rock-n-roll party. They pay decent and (selfishly) it is close to my house, meaning minimal gear haulage and gas expenses. Of course, the latter does not apply to my band mates who live farther away, but they will still be handsomely compensated for their efforts.

My next show is with BABY ROCKET, and believe it or not, it is also at Carp's Landing. So I will be there two Saturdays in a row. I am also hosting open mic this Thursday in Lake Mills, at Waterhouse Cafe. I need to make a post for that on Facebook, I am now reminded.

After this week, my next 2 shows are with my new cover band JEEBUS PREEBUS. We are hosting our own holiday house party on Saturday 12/17/11, the (early) night before I go to Colorado and the night after LEBOWSKI-THEMED BOWLING NIGHT 2011. We are also hosting my rock-n-roll birthday party on Saturday 1/7/12. Do come. See http://www.jeebuspreebus.com for more deets.

I saw my ex-coworker Chad at the GUPPY EFFECT show last night. He seemed to be having a good time. What a nice guy. Too bad we can't carpool anymore, since he doesn't work at my place of employment anymore.

Well, I have to go to the store and get some groceries before the zombie apocalypse begins in earnest. So...



25 Minutes - Tomorrow is Guppy Effect's Last Official Show

Hi. It's Joe.

Tomorrow night (Saturday 11/26/11) is my band GUPPY EFFECT's last show.*

I am not too bummed about this for a few reasons. First, the band wasn't really going anywhere. Progress was slow and getting people to come to shows was a fool's errand. Perhaps you have heard of the Law of Diminishing Returns, where the same amount of added effort does not yield a linear return? Bingo. Everyone in the band has kind of lost interest and it is a mutual feeling that the time is right to let it go quietly into the night.

Except, it won't be quiet. The second reason I am not sad that GUPPY EFFECT is breaking up is that it is going to be a great rock-n-roll show tomorrow night. We are going to bust out all of our best songs, mostly covers with a few decent originals thrown in. It is great to end on a high note, and that is what tomorrow will be. We are going to play our clut classic rock holiday song GINGERBREAD (ZOMBIE) ARMY.

Third, I have at least two (2) new music projects that will take the place of GUPPY EFFECT. One is JEEBUS PREEBUS, more or less GUPPY EFFECT's replacement. It is a 4-piece and the members are highly motivated and fun to play music with. Jeebus Preebus is much more focused on the presentation of the music, theatrics and excitement. Of course, the music needs to be tight, which is why we practice weekly. These rockers actually want to practice (if they aren't scheduled for haircuts...inside joke), which is refreshing.

The other refreshing thing about Jeebus Preebus is the live performance model. We decided to say "screw you" to the lame music venue scene around here, and we are hosting our own HOUSE CONCERTS. We invested in an e-drum kit, for total volume control. Thus, the one factor that limits most bands to playing noisy music venues does not apply to us. We can customize the sound to a home living room environment, much more comfortable and enjoyable for our friends and fans. Plus, we can offer free beer (we implement a typical house concert protocol of asking for a $5 suggested donation that goes into the band fund, which we call the CLONE THE MOA FOUNDATION...it's a long story but you can read it HERE).

The other project is UBERGROOP, also a four piece and including a former GUPPY EFFECT guitarist and songwriter, Kyle. This band emphasizes original music, with an occasional decent cover for purposes of soundcheck or crowd pleasure. I don't expect this band to play live shows for a lone while. I want to hone the material, record it, make a record, and then take it on the road. It is perhaps a 3 year plan, with the first year focused on material and repertoire.

One final thing. GUPPY EFFECT still has a lot of band t-shirts and thongs for sale. We hope to sell a bunch at tomorrow's show, but if you aren't at the show and still want to order a shirt, visit the GUPPY EFFECT ONLINE STORE.



20 Minutes - A Day of Rest

Hi. It's Joe.

Guess where I have to be today?

Nowhere, is where. And it's awesome.

I am going to work on music. I am going to work out and get caught up on my weekly fitness challenge to accomplish five 45-minute workouts per week. I haven't missed a week yet.

I'll probably do some writing too. That is what I am doing right now. I find that I do my best writing in the morning and my best reading in the evening. I am even going to write for a whole 20 minutes this morning, because I can.

I slept in today, because I could. My tendonitis in my right elbow was bugging me during the night. I got up and took some ibuprofen early, then went back to sleep. It's fine now.

I was doing a bunch of music on my laptop last night, and I found that using the scroll pad mouse on the laptop exacerbates the elbow. I should have plugged in the smart mouse, but I didn't think such a short amount of time could inflame my elbow. At work, I switched the mouse to the opposite hand to relieve the repetetive action on my right arm. It helped a lot, and I thought the tendonitis was all but cured, until last night. So smart mouse it is, from here on out, and I will start using my left hand more too.

I play in a new band called Jeebus Preebus. On Tuesday night, my bandmate AquaMunkee (stage name) and I got together and hashed out a simple song called EAT MOA. The Moa is an extinct flightless bird that used to live on New Zealand before Europeans came and clubbed them all to death. The song is kind of quasi-funny. There is a religious group of people, the Khakazzis, who believe the Moa is their God. They regret that humans have exterminated all the Moa and they believe that someday the Moa will return to save the Khakazzis.

However, the Khakzzis are all scientific rationalists, so they believe their purpose in life is to advance genetic cloning technology until their scientist leaders, the Jeebi, can actually re-create a Moa from extinct DNA, using an Ostrich egg as the medium. Thus, Ostrich eggs, although not Moa eggs, are very highly cherished religious icons, along the lines of the Virgin Mary (essentially Jesus' egg).

Well, 20 minutes is sure a long time when you are used to only having 10 to write stuff. I still have 4 minutes to go. So I will tell you some cool things, and you should pay heed.

This Saturday, 11/26, my band GUPPY EFFECT plays its last show. You will never get to hear them again after this Saturday. Many of you probably won't care, thinking this is just another average rock-n-roll band, and you aren't missing anything. But you clearly have not been to a show before. I guarantee you do not want to miss this show, and if you are not FULLY rocked to your foundations by it, I will buy you a beer.

On Saturday 12/17, my new band mentioned above, is having a Holiday House Party to raise money for the CLONE THE MOA FOUNDATION, which doesn't actually exist (the money will go to buy beer and snacks). This party is the day after the BIG LEBOWSKI BOWLING NIGHT on Friday 12/16 at the Bowling Green Lanes in Middleton, WI.

I highly encourage you to attend as many of these fun parties as possible.



10 Minutes - I Am Thankful Rush Hour Traffic Will Be Over With By the Time I Drive Home

Hi. It's Joe.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I am thankful for a few things.

One is that I have a cool job, and my employer let's me come in late and stay late to avoid the hordes of dumb and crazy drivers that stand between me and home.

There's still a lot of them out there when I drive home at 6. But a lot less than at 5. And the remaining ones are at least moving at normal highway speeds.

I am thankful that I won't be killing any turkeys tomorrow, both literally as well as through my consumption of them, which would necessitate an underpaid illegal alien laborer killing one. I suppose I could accidentally run over a fleeing wild turkey while I am driving.

But I plan to drive very little this holiday weekend. I am thankful for that too. I am not traveling anywhere. I am going to chill out, write songs, practice songs, work out, and generally accomplish personal creative goals.

I am traveling at Christmas. But I am thankful that I was able to get a flight from Madison WI to Denver for only $200, round trip. I am also thankful that my family is not adherent to the exact date of the birth of the Baby Jesus (Note: Baby Jesus wasn't born on Christmas, that's a Roman-Pagan myth...long story). So I get to avoid the other traveling hordes. I also get almost an entire week off from work at Christmas time. Again, I am thankful that I have a cool employer.

I am also thankful that my parents got a flight from Akron, OH to Denver on the same departure and arrival dates as me. We can all share a rental car and travel from Denver to Colorado Springs CO (where my sister lives) together.

I am reading Stieg Larsson's "The Girl Who Played With Fire."



10 Minutes - Fun Things

Hi. It's Joe.

Fun things are afoot. I do not know what they are, but I know they will be fun.

I won't be contributing to any wanton needless turkey deaths this Thursday.

Tonight, bandmate AquaMunkee and I started writing a song about the plight of the Moas. I hope it pans out. I guess it will if I make it pan out.

Tomorrow, I am going running. It is supposed to be a sunny nice day. I was going to go with a co-worker, but she bailed. She seems less dedicated to the weekly workouts than I previously thought. Oh well, that won't stop me from going.

Work is going quite well and I am being very productive. This is a short week because of Thanksgiving. Another of my coworkers wants to go out and party on Wednesday night, but then she asked me what I want to do. I have no clue...going out was her idea. Shouldn't she plan what we are going to do? People might say I am not spontaneous, but that isn't it. I have a lot of things on my list of things to do, and going out without a plan is not productive to those ends.

She will probably just want to go out to bars and clubs, but there is really nothing new under the sun in that scene. Young people always think there is, that soon they will find that elusive magical satisfaction that is hiding on some dance floor somewhere. But it's really not there. It's in your mind. You create your own fun.

I can create fun with a good book or lunch with friends or a bike ride. There are no answers in the night life scene. Unfortunately, most people don't get this right away. Sometimes there is fun to be had in exposing yourself to a new band or something. That might be a decent enough plan to persuade me to go out tomorrow night.

But I think I might like to stay in. I have an action packed weekend. I think BABY ROCKET is going to practice at my house on Friday. Why they want to practice here, I do not know. But I just got a new 4 channel mixer, so it will be an opportunity to try it out.

Saturday is GUPPY EFFECT's last and final show ever. You should come.

Sunday, I might have UBERGROOP practice, although I know there is no drummer to be had, so if that happens it will probably be working on songs, maybe even writing one.



10 Minutes - Return of the Jeebi

Hi. It's Joe.

The Jeebi are a lost tribe of rock Gods. The people who worship them today are wandering minstrels known as Khakazzis. They have no official homeland, but hope to someday establish one on the Island of Te Wai Pounamu. They will call it Khakazzistan.

Their principle deity is represented by the birdlike Moa, which died for the sins of the early Khakazzis, but will someday return.

This is why the Khakazzis have established the CLONE THE MOA (BEER) FUND. They host rock-n-roll parties to raise money for the CLONE THE MOA FOUNDATION and also to buy MOA (BEER), the ceremonial beverage of the Jeebi.

My band is toying with some iconic mock mythology to pepper our entertainment value. The above is the end result. We are still refining it.

This week culminates with that god-awfullest of holidays, Thanksgiving. Millions of turkeys die needlessly, and then everyone goes out the next day like lemmings and spends money on things they do not want or need. Am I a cynic? Perhaps. But this year I am sparing a turkey. Moa would be pleased.

I am also sequestering my cash on Friday and the following Monday.

Jeebus Preebus cannot practice this Wednesday, because Preebus will be out of town. We moved it to Tuesday, but then Preebus still said he can't do it because he has to get ready. So the remaining 3 of us will get together and work on harmonies and new material.

I worked out this evening. 45 minutes on the stationary bike.



10 Minutes - The Rocking

Hi. It's Joe.

I have probably titled other posts "The Rocking" before, because I do a lot of it.

Today, I started rocking at noon and finished about 7 PM, with a short short break around 4 to get food.

GUPPY EFFECT plays it's last show next Saturday 11/26. So today, we finished practicing our awesome set for that show. I will miss the GUPPY EFFECT rock-n-roll, but I will not miss the lame bars, the apathetic audiences, and all the headaches of playing live music in and around Madison Wisconsin. I will miss the handful of people for whom the rocking was all worthwhile. You know who you are, and thanks for being supportive all these years. I hope you come to our last show. We are going to give it our all and you should too.

Don't fret. GUPPY EFFECT's rock-n-roll is being replaced by new and different rock-n-roll that will be just as awesome, if not better. One of these bands is called JEEBUS PREEBUS. They are mostly a cover band right now, but will add originals over time. The artistic model for this band is HOUSE PARTIES. We are not going to play lame bars anymore.* Instead, we are going to play house parties where the people want to be there to have fun and hear good music, and where the beer is always FREE. We can set our own performance dates and invite people who want to come and have a good time. We can dress up in costumes and present the music the way we want to, not how some loser bar manager wants us to. Bar scene...we bid thee adieu.

Also filling in the void where GUPPY EFFECT will soon once have been is UBERGROOP. This is a side project that will emphasize original songs written by me, Kyle, Branden, and a drummer TBD (probably John). This band also practiced tonight, for a couple of hours. We worked on a bunch of songs, including my FAWM 2011 original song ROUNDHOUSE. The song went better than I thought. It is a hard song to sing and play bass on, but I think I will get it.

The rest of the weekend was a blur, but I went to SUNSPOT's CD Release Party on Friday night and I performed IRON MAN as Ozzy of Black Sabbath at the Madison Music Foundry Student Jam on Saturday.

I also accomplished my five 45-minute workouts for this week by doing 90 minutes on the exercise bike this morning (My Fitness Pal app says I burned over 1000 calories...maybe).

Now I am getting an early night, so I can hopefully get up and work out in the AM tomorrow.

*NOTE: Actually, we decided as a band we will play at lame bars, for a minimum fee of $2500. That's what the headaches are worth to us.


10 Minutes - A Weekend Worth of Activities in Half the Weekend

Hi. It's Joe.

I am going to sleep like a baby tonight. I am bushed. I want to say for the record that my prior post to this blog was not in an acceptable format as far as Title. The one about guitar pedals. I probably posted it to this blog on accident. I probably meant to post it to 2 Minute Reader or maybe just my Social Media Blog. Anyway, sorry.

So last night was the SUNSPOT CD Release Party in Madison WI. SUNSPOT is a local band I really like. They probably should be famous by now, but that's a catch 22. The fact that they are local is awesome for me getting to go see them a lot. If they were famous, they would be traveling all over God's green earth and I'd probably rarely get to see them. That's kind of a win-lose though, because I want for them to have a lot of success. But I also want for them to remain indie and not sell their souls to a record label, even if it is an indie one. Unless of course that record label cuts them a sweet deal where they get lots of money. But usually those kinds of deals mean that the record company isn't making as much money off the exploitation, and when that is the case, the label then doesn't do as much for the band as they could. So I want them to stay indie and infamous. Enough said.

Anyway, they had free pizza and beer at the party. That didn't last long, obviously. The SUNSPOT show was excellent, and somewhere in the trunk of my car there is a swag bag with their new CD in it. I might go get that after I finish writing this. Then I am definitely going to bed. I have a long day of band practices tomorrow and I want to get in a 90 minute workout in the AM, so that I achieve my goal of five workouts for this week. I am doing a fitness challenge to achieve five 45-minute workouts per week during November and December. I have not failed yet, but this week is about the longest I have waited to finish my workouts for the week. I will have to do 90 minutes tomorrow in order to count it as two workouts. Band practice starts at noon, so I want to be done working out by 11, so that means being on the stationary bike by 9 AM.

So, after SUNSPOT, I parted ways with my friends briefly to go and hear my buddy Dan Stoffels' band QUIET RIOTS at a divy indie rock bar. They are quite good and energetic. I liked it. Then I met back up with my friends at a dance club called Merchant. Dumb name, but nice place. We danced. Then we went to another place and finally ended up on the dance floor at Cardinal bar.

For some reason, my friends Alex and Stefan decided they wanted to ride back to my house in Cambridge for the night. I questioned this, but we did so, and then we stayed up talking until way too late. This morning I had to get up butt early to meet my cleaning lady. I made breakfast for my friends and then we all drove back to Madison so I could perform at the Madison Music Foundry Student Jam, singing Iron Man, as Ozzy Osbourne. It was quite fun. We went out to lunch and then I finally made it back home.

That is why I am so beat. Packed a whole weekend of activity into 24 hours, and I still have a full day tomorrow (Sunday), with a band practice and then a dinner for friends.



Too Many Pedals


I discourage overuse of pedals.


10 More Minutes - Jeebus Preebus Holiday House Party is GO!

Hi. It's Joe.

One of my new bands is called JEEBUS PREEBUS.

It's largely a cover band right now. But it is a different kind of cover band. First of all, it is all about the presentation, theatrics, and energy of the stage show. We are all decent musicians, but covers are covers, and we don't want to be like every other lame cover band out there.

Another way we are unique is that we decided we hate the bar band model, late nights, low pay, expensive beer, and asshole crowds who are there to get drunk, not to hear the band.

So our model is a HOUSE PARTY model. We are mostly only going to play HOUSE PARTIES, where the people are there because they want to have a fun time, they are a captive audience, and best of all the BEER IS FREE.

What could be cooler?

Now there are a couple of obstacles that may come to mind when you hear about this band.

The first is, what about volume? Won't your amazingly high energy rocknroll band disturb the neighbors and cause all kinds of hassles with the police?

We solved that issue from the get go. We use an electric drum kit, with total volume control. We also have a sound guy (our guitar player) who can mix everything awesomely at a low volume. That way we are a high energy but low volume band.

How many times have you been to a bar and the band is way too loud? Many times. If not all the time, when there is live music. I don't even need to wear ear plugs when I play with JEEBUS PREEBUS.

The other strategy working for us is that the HOUSE PARTIES will be earlier in the evening and only last a couple of hours. We can decide when we want to start and how long we want to play. That is another beautiful thing about this business model. We no longer have to fill a 4 hour time slot for low pay just because some crappy bar asks us to.

The other issue is, how can you afford to have HOUSE PARTIES WITH FREE BEER?

Well, the short answer is, we can't. But we are anyway.

The long answer is, we are going to ask everyone who comes to the party if they will contribute $5 to the JEEBUS PREEBUS HOUSE PARTY BAND FUND. It is totally optional, but I think people will give because these parties are a blast, and if people want them to keep going on, they need to contribute a little bit. $5 for all the beer you can drink? Dealio. Not that I am much of a drinker.

The other solution to the second problem is that many times we will be playing someone else's house party, not ours. And how they want to handle the beer situation is totally up to them. We are there to do one thing and one thing alone. ROCK YOUR ASSES OFF.

So let's hope this goes as smoothly as it sounds on paper.

So anyway, long story, but we are hosting our JEEBUS PREEBUS HOLIDAY HOUSE PARTY on Saturday 12/17/11 in Cross Plains, WI. It is at JP Headquarters and you need to RSVP for the deets so we have a head count and know who is coming.

We are learning the Strokes song "Last Night" for this week. We add about a song a week.


10 Minutes - Band Practice Last Night

Hi. It's Joe.

Jeebus Preebus band practice last night was kind of poor in a relative sense, compared with our previous practices. However, in an absolute sense, it was still a lot more rocking than the band practices of most other bands. We were learning the Donnas song "Take It Off" last night. It's a straight ahead chick rocker tune, and it is nice to have a female lead singer, although she was feeling sick and so she didn't learn the song ahead of time as well as she should have. We gave her crap about that, but after about an hour, we had it down, thanks to a little vocal coaching from me. Our drummer was also sick, getting over a head cold, so he couldn't sing. It was a downer, but we still had fun and kept the frustrations at a minimum by jokingly bitching and criticizing each other, which is important.

This week is a crazy one. On Friday night, my friend Wendy's band SUNSPOT is having a CD release party and a bunch of friends and coworkers are going. On Saturday, I am fronting as Ozzy for the Student Jam at High Noon Saloon in Madison WI, so the music students can perform IRON MAN. It's a different version of the song than I am used to, so I actually have to practice. It leaves out a whole verse, though not an important one, except for timing and sequencing of the song.

Anyway, my time has run dry. I must go to work.



10 Minutes - Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Hi. It's Joe.

It's 4:35 AM and I am awake.


Because I went to bed at 9 PM last night.

Actually, I should say I fell asleep at 9 PM.

I actually went to bed at 8 PM and read for a while till I got dozy.

This probably has something to do with the 45 minutes of stationary biking and the 3 mile run I did yesterday, in addition to GUPPY EFFECT band practice, in order to complete my weekly goal of five workouts. But I wasn't especially tired. I felt pretty good.

It was a grueling but fun weekend though. Friday night, my new band JEEBUS PREEBUS had their debut show with the full complement of members. We played at AquaMunkee's going away party. He is leaving the company I work for to take another job just down the street. So the band won't be affected, but I will miss the daily coffee runs with him.

It was a great party. I stayed over at Brian's but I had to get up at 6:30 AM on Saturday morning to go pick Buddy up at the kennel (I put him in there, because I knew I would be in Madison all day on Friday). Then my buddy Branden and I went to a songwriting workshop in Madison from 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturday. We are putting a startup original band together with Kyle (former Guppy Effect guitarist) and a drummer TBD. I took my recently mixed and mastered version of Lil Red Head Girl to the workshop and it was critiqued by Tirk Wilder, a Nashville songwriter who skyped in.

Tirk's claim to fame is having written the theme song to "Walker, Texas Ranger." He had some good tips.

Saturday afternoon, sans drummer, the aforementioned startup band got together and hashed out the beginnings of an original tune. I still need to send those guys the MP3. Then we ran through all our current tunes.

You already know what happened on Sunday, so I will end it here. I am going to go stationary bike now, to check off one of the five workouts for this week. Off to a good start.

Oh, by the way, next Saturday at noon, I am singing Iron Man for the Madison Music Foundry student jam at High Noon Saloon. It is so the kids can play instruments on the song and have the vocal cues, but it is also kind of part of my singing lessons too. You should come.



10 Minutes - Fitness Goals

Hi. It's Joe.

Today I did the indoor bike trainer for 45 minutes prior to band practice. After band practice, I ran 3 miles. I earned a bonus of about 1000 calories today against the 1660 I am generally allowed to take in. That means I can eat 2660 calories today and still be on track to lose weight.

You see, I joined MY FITNESS PAL, an online program and Android phone app that tracks diet and exercise. My friend Wendy turned me onto it, because she is doing it.

Entering exercise info is fairly easy, but the diet diary is a bit harder, mainly because it is difficult to explain to the program what I ate. A lot of the foods in their database are brand name, pre-packaged products which I almost never eat. I follow a largely Paleolithic diet that is 90% meat, vegetables, fruit, and occasionally nuts. Most Americans don't eat that way, so I understand why their database is set up the way it is, but it is harder to use. I manage though.

I have been doing a 2 month fitness challenge to do five 45-minute workouts per week, November through December. Thus far, I have been achieving the fitness goal no problem.

I was logging the workouts on FITOCRACY.COM and earning points and levels in the "Get Fit for the Zombie Apocalypse" group. It's kind of like a fitness game, but it only focuses on exercise. This fitness challenge does not have any dietary restrictions on type or quantity of food, but it would be nice to know what my caloric intake is approximately, and be able to adapt my eating habits to my caloric needs.

The general goal of my fitness challenge is to be physically fit and healthy, but if I dropped a few pounds, it would not hurt anything. That's why I added the My Fitness Pal app. It is a bear to get the foods into the system, but once I do, I kind of know where I am at calorie-wise. I would guess it is accurate to within +/- 100 calories or so. Close enough.

This week I ran 3 times. Monday I ran 3 miles outside because it was over 50 degrees. Wednesday, I ran on the treadmill at work, a 5K. Today I ran 3 miles along Lake Ripley, near my house. It was windy and cloudy, but 62 degrees. I was afraid I might get rained on.

I also did the bike trainer twice this week, once on Friday morning and again today. Thus, I hit my 5 workouts. Admittedly the running doesn't usually take me 45 minutes, but because it is a tougher workout, I count it if it is over 30 minutes. I have been averaging about 36 minutes on my runs, a 12 minute mile. I'm not fast.



10 Minutes - Carpooling Home

Hi. It's Joe.

I am on my carpool home, but because of Daylight Savings, I cannot read my book. It is too dark. I do like that it is brighter in the morning now though.

I am tired as a dog today. I ran 3 miles at lunch time today as part of my current fitness challenge to do five 45-minute mild to moderate workouts per week. Today was definitely on the high end of moderate. Running is a fairly tough workout for a burly guy like myself. It is great cardio.

My route is just a tad over 3 miles. It's fairly flat but rolling. There is a shower at work and that is really nice. When I run, I only have to go for a minimum of 30 minutes because it is such a more intense workout.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I guess I will be using the indoor gym at work. Not optimal, but doable.

I am going to practice some music tonight if I don't fall asleep first. I think I will fall asleep though.



2 Minutes - Band Outing

Hi. It's Joe. I went out to see live music last night with 3/4 of the band members of Jeebus Preebus. We had a good arsed time.



10 Minutes - Jeebus Preebus Practice and a Show

Hi. It's Joe.

I worked my arse off this week, which allowed me to avoid having to go into work this morning (Saturday). I didn't purposefully work hard to get my work done so I could skip Saturday, it just worked out that way. Thus, I would have nothing critical to do if I went in, and it would be a bit of a waste, better spent working out.

I have to be in Madison this afternoon anyway, so it wasn't a huge hassle to go in early and do some work. My new band, JEEBUS PREEBUS, is having a marathon band practice this afternoon. Our first show is at a house party next Friday, 11/11/11. In fact, after I get done writing this, I am going to go post the information on the Jeebus Preebus site.

One of my coworkers offered me a concert ticket for tonight in Madison. If I went into work in the morning today, then had band practice, I would be wiped and not able to go. This way, I will be able to. There is also the matter of my dog Buddy who has to go out periodically, and I can't be away from home too long.

Tomorrow night, I think there is a preliminary band meeting for a new project I am starting with Peter of GUPPY EFFECT (being decommissioned on November 26), Kyle (formerly of GUPPY EFFECT), and a lead singer buddy of mine. The band has some "chemistry" capital from past efforts, but will be a new concept with a new vision and new songs. I am hoping it is largely original music.

I am going to go work out now. I also have to post an update on my 2-month fitness challenge to do five 45 minute workouts per week. Today's will be #4, which means I need to do one tomorrow as well. It's pretty easy to do on the indoor stationary bike while watching programs on Netflix. I also joined FITOCRACY, an online fitness game where you earn points and achieve levels by working out. I joined it last Tuesday, so I wasn't able to include my workout of last Monday on there.