10 Minutes - Carpooling Home

Hi. It's Joe.

I am on my carpool home, but because of Daylight Savings, I cannot read my book. It is too dark. I do like that it is brighter in the morning now though.

I am tired as a dog today. I ran 3 miles at lunch time today as part of my current fitness challenge to do five 45-minute mild to moderate workouts per week. Today was definitely on the high end of moderate. Running is a fairly tough workout for a burly guy like myself. It is great cardio.

My route is just a tad over 3 miles. It's fairly flat but rolling. There is a shower at work and that is really nice. When I run, I only have to go for a minimum of 30 minutes because it is such a more intense workout.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I guess I will be using the indoor gym at work. Not optimal, but doable.

I am going to practice some music tonight if I don't fall asleep first. I think I will fall asleep though.


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