10 Minutes - Jeebus Preebus Practice and a Show

Hi. It's Joe.

I worked my arse off this week, which allowed me to avoid having to go into work this morning (Saturday). I didn't purposefully work hard to get my work done so I could skip Saturday, it just worked out that way. Thus, I would have nothing critical to do if I went in, and it would be a bit of a waste, better spent working out.

I have to be in Madison this afternoon anyway, so it wasn't a huge hassle to go in early and do some work. My new band, JEEBUS PREEBUS, is having a marathon band practice this afternoon. Our first show is at a house party next Friday, 11/11/11. In fact, after I get done writing this, I am going to go post the information on the Jeebus Preebus site.

One of my coworkers offered me a concert ticket for tonight in Madison. If I went into work in the morning today, then had band practice, I would be wiped and not able to go. This way, I will be able to. There is also the matter of my dog Buddy who has to go out periodically, and I can't be away from home too long.

Tomorrow night, I think there is a preliminary band meeting for a new project I am starting with Peter of GUPPY EFFECT (being decommissioned on November 26), Kyle (formerly of GUPPY EFFECT), and a lead singer buddy of mine. The band has some "chemistry" capital from past efforts, but will be a new concept with a new vision and new songs. I am hoping it is largely original music.

I am going to go work out now. I also have to post an update on my 2-month fitness challenge to do five 45 minute workouts per week. Today's will be #4, which means I need to do one tomorrow as well. It's pretty easy to do on the indoor stationary bike while watching programs on Netflix. I also joined FITOCRACY, an online fitness game where you earn points and achieve levels by working out. I joined it last Tuesday, so I wasn't able to include my workout of last Monday on there.


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