10 Minutes - Jazz Piano is Contagious

Hi. It's Joe.

I don't know if "contagious" is the right word, because I already have the bug. But the more I practice jazz piano, the more of it I want to do. It is synergistically additive. Maybe even multiplicative.

My favorite jazz piano record is "Oscar Peterson Trio + One (With Clark Terry)."
Oscar Peterson is the role model for my future vision of jazz piano playing. Clark Terry is a badass trumpet player, but I do not have the brasswind bug the way I have the jazz piano bug.

Right now I am finding that the perfect amount of time to practice piano each day is about an hour. I started out with the obtainable goal of trying to do 30 minutes minimum five times a week. But this quickly became not quite enough, so I upped it to 45 minutes and now 60 minutes seems good. I have set a new goal to do at least three 60-minute practice sessions per week.

I am doing some sight reading, learning some classical pieces, and working on some simple jazz pieces.

With the latter, I have only the chords and melody line to go on, so I have to come up with my own rhythms and "feel it." This is where listening to a lot of jazz piano comes in handy, heavy on the Oscar Peterson. I have loaded up my SPOTIFY with good jazz piano, including some Art Tatum, who I understand was a major influence on Oscar Peterson. Influences and influences of influences will help to sculpt my eventual piano sound.

I guess in 50 years, when I am a piano legend, people will reflect back on this blog post (assuming we still have the Internet then) and get a glimpse of the driving force behind my keyboard virtuosity.

I am off to my singing lesson in Madison.


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