10 Minutes - Good Morning

Hi. It's Joe.

I am in Lake Mills WI right now. I biked here from Cambridge, at a very slow pace. I have once again achieved my quota of biking for the week. I bike commuted Tuesday and Friday (yesterday), the "long" route, which I want to say is about 16 miles one way, from the east side of Madison to the west. On Wednesday morning, I bike commuted the "short" route, about 11 or so miles across town. However, on Wednesday evening, I had a date, so I took the bus back to my car. I could not therefore count Wednesday as a full "earth saving" bike commute, even though the bus is still pretty ecologically sound. I can't cheat on stuff like this.

This bike ride today didn't need to happen. It is not especially earth-saving. But I have an arbitrary goal to try to hit 3 decent workouts every week. The round trip to Lake Mills is probably about 20 miles or so. Not quite equivalent to a bike commute, but almost. Like I said, slow paced. It usually takes me 45 minutes one way, but I allowed a full hour today.

Coffee and quiche, then back on the bike for the ride home.



5 Minutes - Shrinkage

Hi. It's Joe.

I realized this morning that 40 degrees Fahrenheit is about the coldest I can tolerate for bike commuting. Mostly this is because if it is any colder than that, I have to wear too much warm bike gear. But partly it is because of shrinkage. I won't go into what that is, because if you have ever watched Seinfeld then you know. I also refer to it as "turtle head," but I don't know if that's the common vernacular. It's just what it reminds me of...a turtle pulling it's head into it's shell. OK, enough on that subject.

It's Friday though, and that's cool. It's going to get up to like 75 today, a real nice autumn day. I like Autumn.



10 Minutes - A Nice Freakin' Day

Hi. It's Joe.

Today is going to be a nice freakin' day.

The only thing about today I don't like is that HIATUS does not have our usual Thursday band practice tonight. It's very confusing to me. We had a gig last Thursday, and apparently this means we need to take a hiatus from practice this week. I don't understand. But at least the band is being true to their name. On the other hand, I was under the impression that this name had to do with the fact that we only play shows once per month or less, such that we appear to be on hiatus more often than other bands. Being a rock-n-roll addict, I have a complete inability to understand how anyone could want to miss a band practice, especially when we only have six weeks before the next show. But that's my problem. I don't need to understand it. I just need to respect it. But instead, I am going to bottle up my resentment and unleash it as over the top stage antics at our next show.

Our next show, incidentally, is a HOUSE CONCERT on Saturday November 17th (6-10 PM time frame). We are underwriting it with a Kickstarter project. A $5 suggested donation with RSVP will get you all you can eat and drink food and beer, respectively, along with directions to the party location. This one is at a fan's house, not the usual HIATUS HQ location. We decided to do the $5 suggested donation because beer isn't free, but we want it to be almost free. So if everyone puts in a small donation, everyone can drink free. We are also going to use the funds to order up a mess o' pizza for the party, so there will be no further obligation to bring a dish to share.




10 Minutes - Autumn

Hi. It's Joe.

It's a beautiful autumn day out. That is why it really sucks that I am in a soul sucking meeting at work. This meeting is literally depleting my will to live. I am falling asleep against my every effort to stay awake. Nothing being said at this meeting is useful or worthwhile to me or to my job.

We should be at the Irish Pub right now. That would be way more productive. I honestly think this is cruel and unusual punishment. I like to think I do good work and I am highly productive. So why is my boss punishing me by asking me to attend this meeting. I thought he liked my output and productivity. Apparently not.



10 Minutes - Picking Up the Pace a Little

Hi. It's Joe.

I practiced a ton of piano this weekend. I am not sure I improved at all, but maybe a little. I broke it down into 30 minute increments, where I would focus on one thing hardcore for the whole time. And in that regard, I think I made progress in the time alotted, but the question is whether I will remember what I learned the next time I sit down to work at it.

I took Buddy to the doggy park yesterday. He seemed to really enjoy himself. It was a cool but sunny day and it felt really good to walk around. Buddy was running pell mell and giving no signs of being an almost 12 year old dog. He is still quite spritely. Maybe he just doesn't recognize his limitations, much like me. They say dog personalities reflect those of their owners. Or maybe it is the healthy diet I feed him. Who knows? In any case, it looks like he has a few good years ahead of him.

I don't know where September went. There is only a week of it left. Then it will be Rocktober. On Rocktober 1, I will be launching the Hiatus Rock-n-Roll House Concert fundraiser, aimed at underwriting a house concert on Saturday November 17 that HIATUS is going to host. The money will go toward beer and pizza. The band will get any leftovers (of beer and pizza, as well as cash).

On Rocktober 6, I am going to Osh Kosh (begosh) for the Wisconsin Independent Horror Film Fest. I went last year and it was a blast, with some really good films (as well as some that were so bad they were good).

That's about all I got. That and minor car troubles.



10 Minutes - The Afterglow Aches a Little

Hi. It's Joe.

After a successful rocking of Middleton WI last night, HIATUS (my band) is once again on hiatus, our trademark. There is talk of the next show being a house concert on Saturday November 17th. If this happens, there will be a $5 prepay suggested donation that serves as your RSVP. The $5 covers all you can eat and drink and gives us the commitment we need to know we will have a decent crowd of people to rock to. Of course, you can just show up at the party and not donate, but there are 2 issues with this. One is that you don't know where the party is and we can't tell you unless we know you are coming (via $5 RSVP). The second is that we have to hit our budget to cover the costs of food, drink, and rock at the party. If we don't hit our goal, no party. And we are much more likely to hit the goal if everyone donates. I mean $5 for all you can eat and drink, including beer is a pretty dece night out.

Note that it's an online donation and you won't be charged unless we hit our funding goal. So there is no danger at all. We don't want to take you money for no reason. Only for an awesome rocknroll party with HIATUS (http://hiatusrocknroll.blogspot.com).



10 Minutes - Partial Stability in the Cosmos

Hi. It's Joe.

So everyone knows that they create their own cosmos every moment right? And by moment, I mean a quantum of Planck time. That's a really small, but theoretically indivisible unit of time, derived mathematical from the universal constants of nature. It's kind of like the way quarks are thought to be the indivisible unit of matter.

For all intents and purposes, time appears to us to flow as a continuum. But if Planck time is in fact the indivisible unit of time, then time is actually discreet, leaping forward Planck time unit by Planck time unit, with nothingness in between.

Logically, then, the entire cosmos has to disappear then reappear each unit of Planck time (I am starting to wish I knew what the actual unit is called), each incarnation slightly different than the last as determined by the inviolable laws of physics.

It's a lot of logic leaps to arrive at the conclusion that you create your own cosmos each time the universe reappears, but suffice it to say that within the laws of physics' constraints, you do have some say over the manifestation due to the fact that the universe only "exsists" if there is an observer to observe it's existence. In fact, it could be argued that we have the stable and long lasting laws of physics as a direct result of observation, because if we did not observe that to be the case, the cosmos itself (and thus you) would not exist.

I realize it is kind of a circular logic. You only exist because you exist. But more importantly, the universe (which contains you) only exists because you exist to observe it. Existence requires a YOU, as far as you're concerned. Are you with me here?

And it is pretty easy to visualize a state of cosmos you want to live in, at least as far as your small and mundane local environment, and then by a process of trial and error, eventually get there.

I envision a fairly stable and peaceful local patch of cosmos, and what do you know...here I am enjoying one. When things get a little unstable, I just visualize and work my way back to stability. This manifests in my perception as taking control of my life and my destiny, using my intelligence to overcome obstacles to cosmic stability. It requires brutal honesty and a clear vision. It is easy to fool yourself and be ignorant. Most people would say deception is a bad thing, as far as self actualizing your own cosmos or just having a good life. Even religious people associate deception with evil (the Great Deceiver). However, many of them would argue that science is a deception since it clearly tells us that creationism could not be true and evolution must be true, unless God himself is trying to deceive us via science and the laws of nature (which He created!), and they do not want to go there. Lord knows I have tried to have this debate and they don't like it.



25 Minutes - On the Bus Again

Hi. It's Joe.

I look like the Unabomber right now, on the bus, with my hoodie pulled up and sunglasses on. This is not on purpose, but because for some odd reason the bus driver has the AC on even though it's in the 60s outside. So I am bundled up because I can't afford to get sick before the uber massive HIATUS rocknroll show on Thursday at Capital Brewery in Middleton WI. FYI, it's from 5 to 9 pm and free.

Even though my Unabomber countenance is not willful, I am taking advantage of it. Remember how I blogged this morning about the batshit crazies on the bus? Well, they deter people from sitting near them, it seems, unless the bus is super full. So maybe, just maybe, if I do a decent Unabomber look, people won't sit by me and I can further avoid acquiring some random contagion that might interfere with the the @$$ blowing rocknroll tsunami of Thursday's HIATUS show.

But so far, this little experiment is a FAIL. Some dude sat by me for a while and now some fat lady is. Although, I have to admit, she smells nice.

The bus is fuller than usual though, so this might not be a very good experiment.

Speaking of HIATUS, I got my Kickstarter project to organize and fund a rocknroll house concert approved. It was really easy too. Surprisingly easy. I am asking for $10 individual donations toward a total goal of $300, which should cover all expenses with some cash left over for the band fund. Note that some of the ca$h goes directly to pay the band, and that's outside of band fund. The latter is a slush fund we can use to offset future house concerts, thus lowering the target money goal and the individual contribution in future Kickstarter project proposals.

The beauty of Kickstarter is that it is all or nothing. Donors aren't charged until the goal is hit and if the goal is not hit, the project gets ZERO funding.

I like the model because of the on demand aspect. If people don't want us to play a show, we won't. And if they do, they will contribute to the fund and make it happen. It's win win. Because there is nothing worse than putting a lot of time and effort into something, if no one wants it. I don't want to plan and organize and bust my ass for people who are going to back out at the last minute. Put your money where your mouth is and HIATUS will not let you down. We will rock our @$$es off for you.

But only if you want us to.


10 Minutes - Too Soon

Hi. It's Joe.

Honestly, it is too soon for a hard frost. I still have green tomatoes in my garden, and yes I am too lazy to cover them. How can this be?

It's like the seasons are actually transitioning on cue for a change. And in Wisconsin, that's weird.

Now don't get me wrong, I like fall. It might be my season of choice. While summer is a great season for being outside and wearing shorts and water sports, fall is pretty cool, with the leaves changing and the harvest and Oktoberfest (or as I like to call it, Rocktoberfest).

Halloween is in the fall. So is Thanksgiving, although by late November it is pret' near winter in WI. When it comes to music, I typically perform the last shows of the year around Halloween and then quit performing for the most part from November through February. During those coldest months, I try to stay indoors, practicing songs and writing some too, especially during February Album Writing Month.

I would play music in winter if I thought anyone were NOT like me and would actually come to shows in cold snowy weather. But I don't blame anyone for not coming to winter shows and that's why I don't go to them either.

Well, I took the bus today, and of course there is some batty old lady up front with Touret's Syndrome or some shit ranting on in pure stream of consciousness, no inner monolog whatsoever. It's a little bit distressing to be privvy to someone's inner rants. She is clearly schizophrenic, apparently responding to voices I am not privvy to. She got mad at the bus driver because she thought he was telling her to hurry her ass up when she dropped all her possessions getting on the bus. But he was being very patient. I have a lot of respect for bus drivers that have to put up with this shit. I wouldn't. I'd kick her right off my bus, but that's probably illegal so it's good I do not drive a bus.

But she's not hassling anyone, just talking, so it's fine. But if she tries to talk to me or gets hysterical in such a way that my bus ride is interrupted, I will shut her right down. That would just be selfish behavior and unacceptable no matter how batshit nuts you are.



5 Minutes - Creepy College

Hi. It's Joe.

I have my first piano lesson with my new teacher tonight and it is at Edgewood College. I am now in the bowels of the school, waiting for my lesson in 10 minutes, which is why I am only going to post for 5 minutes.

I guess I kind of knew Edgewood was a Catholic private college, but I did not expect it to be so creepy. And I am not just talking about the nominal level of creepiness I feel around churchy things. This place is labyrinthine, it smells weird, and there are creepy black and white pictures of nuns everywhere.

I am surprised they even let jazz music get played here. It is going to feel a little weird busting out some jazz here, but we'll see how it goes.



10 Minutes - The Benefits of "Country" Living

Hi. It's Joe.

While I can't say I realized this weekend why I prefer living remotely, outside the big city, it did come into sharper focus. Of course, it is the solitude and tranquility. But more than that, it is being "under the radar." That's not the same as being off the grid, although I would be if I could. I feel like in the city everyone is scrutinizing you. It's not like they are purposefully watching you, but just because of the higher density of people, every time you go do something, it is likely that SOMEONE will see you.

Out here where I live, not many people see me or know what I am up to. I see my neighbors and they see me and we are all cool to let each other do whatever. My friends who live in the city have no idea what I do out here in the country. They think I must be bored, I guess. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Yesterday, I went on a 2 hour bike ride and then performed some music at my CSA farm's potluck dinner. Today, I recorded a cover version of the Guess Who's song "No Sugar Tonight." Then I practiced piano for a couple of hours before my parents arrived, passing through on their way home from the cabin up north. We went out to eat at The Mill in Cambridge. That place is kind of losing its shine, incidentally.

Living farther outside the city also means people don't hassle me to go do things all the time. I guess they figure I am not going to drive all the way into town for trivial and mundane things, only important ones. So this creates a kind of automatic screening against nonsense and clutter that frees me up to be more creative and productive.

I don't really know what I am talking about right now. That's the beauty of these free thought blog posts.

Don't forget, HIATUS will be rocking Capital Brewery in Middleton WI this coming Thursday September 20th. That means only about 4 days until your life is inexorably changed forever.



10 Minutes - Bike Riding

Hi. It's Joe.

Now that bike riding and vegetarianism have become largely incorporated into my lifestyle, I have not been emphasizing them as much in my blog posts because they have become commonplace. In fact, I write this post at the midpoint of a roundtrip bike ride from Cambridge WI to Lake Mills WI. It's not a hugely long distance and it is an easy ride, but I say that after a full summer of biking activity that peaked with RAGBRAI in Iowa in late July. So a ride like this is nothing.

But winter is coming and I won't be biking as much, save for the occasional trainer ride indoors. So I need to transition to a new physical activity, and at the moment I am leaning toward weight lifting. Biking is a good exercise but it largely tones the lower body. I would focus on upper body with weights and I would follow the same training regimen of aiming for 5 workouts per week, and being satisfied with 3. I have been able to consistently get 3 bike rides in every week, mostly bike commuting, which also saves gas and miles on my car. I only got 2 last week but that's why I am out on my bike today (Saturday).

I stopped for lunch at Waterhouse Bistro (formerly Cafe) in Lake Mills and I am going to wrap this up so I can eat my vegetarian sandwich and drink my coffee before riding home.

Tonight, Stefan and I are going to perform semi-acoustically at my CSA farm potluck dinner. Then I am going to work on some HIATUS songs for next Thursdays uber mega rock show at Capital Brewery in Middleton.



10 Minutes - Less Than One Week Until Your Arse is Blown Out

Hi. It's Joe.

Were it not for band practice, I would have written this post last night, which would have been exactly a week before the awesome HIATUS show at Capital Brewery in Middleton WI next Thursday September 20th. We play from 5 to 9 PM, essentially the same time frame as our weekly Thursday band practice. In a sense, it will be like a live band practice only thousands, maybe even millions, of times more rocking. Because we have been honing our rock fu martial arts powers just for this show next week.

Of course, band practice last night sucked goat sac. But that is almost a guarantee of a flawless and amazing show. I can tell you from many years of experience playing in bands that when a band practice before the gig goes too well, the show is rife with biffs. That's not just superstition. There is a rational scientific basis for it. When you have tons of biffs at practice, you are made well aware of your weak areas and then you go home and practice the crap out of those areas so that you don't look like a buffoon on stage. Conversely, if practice a week before the gig goes exceptionally well, there is a tendency to get cocky and have a false sense of security about how well practiced you are on the songs.

Then you might think you don't need to practice, and a week goes by, and you get soft, and suddenly the gig is upon you and you forget everything when you go on stage in front of hundreds of people (and it looks like we might hit over a hundred guests at this free show).

I am going to practice a bunch tomorrow, before Stefan and I go play a duo acoustic gig at my CSA potluck social. Then I will practice some more on Sunday. I will do some fine tuning on Wednesday night, the day before the show, just to tighten up my backstrokin' on a few last minute things.

I am going to work a half day on Thursday so that I can head over to Capital and help set up the gear for the show in the afternoon. I worked really late tonight and I will probably put in some longer hours early next week to compensate for the pre-show time off. THE MAN can pound sand if HE does not like it.

I also need to practice some jazz piano this weekend. I have my first lesson with my new teacher on Monday night after work.

Speaking of THE MAN, I can't be too hard on HIM right now. I just got a raise and some high praise at work. This is not to say THE MAN is still not on probation at all times. HE is. But I am going to cut him a little slack for recognizing my awesomeness. Everyone at work also got bonuses, and so now I can pay off some bills that resulted from the eye wear fiasco that I have blogged about recently.

Actually, the fiasco itself was resolved. There is just no way around expensive eye wear, even with vision insurance. I am definitely paying less than I would have under the original charlatan eye care provider I went to.

I look forward to your comments and questions. You can post them below.



10 Minutes - The Eye Care Fiasco (All's Well That Ends Well)

Hi. It's Joe.

I think I have finally reached the end of my eye care and eye wear saga, and it's a happy ending. I ended up at Dr. Linda Foley's vision clinic in Lake Mills WI after a fiasco with a fly by night Madison operation that shall remain unnamed (though I will tell you if you email or PM me).

Dr. Foley was much more thorough and professional in remedying the poor care and service at the other provider, who got my prescription wrong and added what is called "prism" to my new prescription even though I did not need it. Prism is sort of like double vision but in the vertical direction. Dr. Foley said I do have a bit of prism, but in the absence of problems with compensating for it naturally and in light of the fact that I do not wear glasses all the time, she did not see the logic of adding it to my lenses, because it can cause more problems than it solves.

She also had a different prescription for me than the other doc, much closer to my current one and she explained why really clearly.

The other doctor never addressed these issues and he even mistakenly described prism as double vision in the horizontal plane, which it isn't. His staff was also surly and unhelpful.

Dr. Foley's optician, May, spent a lot of time sizing my frames and making sure they looked good and fit right.

I also have to give high praise to VSP vision insurance. Although they don't cover a huge amount of the costs of eye care and eye wear, they have awesome customer service. When I explained to them that I wanted to change eye doctors because I was not happy with the Madison guy, they gave me a voucher so I would only have to pay the copay and not have to pay for the needed re-exam out of pocket. The $10 was worth it.

The glasses are better and less expensive at Dr. Foley's eye clinic too. High marks.



10 Minutes - Tuesday Afternoon in the Universe

Hi. It's Joe.

I am in a meeting at work that I sort of don't need to be at. I say "sort of," because I do occasionally need to get an update on the topic of this meeting, and coming to the meeting every once in a while serves that purpose. So I am at the meeting today for that reason, but in general I do not need to come to this meeting. Indeed, it could be argued that it would not matter if I skipped the meeting today, but my reasons are somewhat diabolical.

Touching base with this group is a thinly veiled attempt to parlay the meeting into leaving work at the end of the day, without having to do any ACTUAL work. At first glance, that sounds like pure laziness, but if you have been following my other blogs (and of course you should be), you know that I am in a holding pattern on my current project, and can't really do much until I get some answers from a coworker. So rather than tiddle my thumbs at my desk, I came to this meeting.



5 Minutes - Let The Week Begin

Hi. It's Joe.

I picked up my new prescription sunglasses this morning. They look great but the prescription is weaker than my prior glasses. The eye doctor told me my eyes have improved, but I think he was a quack, more interested in making money than helping people improve their vision. I am going to wear the shades (during the day, obviously) for a week and get used to them before I get my eyes re-tested at a new and more caring doctor. The glasses are tolerable and I may just need to get used to them, because I have been wearing glasses with my previous prescription for a long time, and that is what I am used to.

This week should be easy. After work today, a bunch of us work peeps are getting together to plot the future of technical communications at our company. We have a visionary plan that is in keeping with upper management's diabolical scheme, but we just need to make upper management believe they came up with our awesome idea. THE MAN never likes to give credit for awesome things to the peons. He would rather crush a great idea than admit that inferiors came up with it. But THE MAN is easily manipulated into believing he came up with a great idea, so that is what we'll do.



10 Minutes - Balance

Hi. It's Joe.

I am up at the cabin for the last time in 2012. I am helping my folks tidy up the cabin so it can be shut down for winter. But right now we are about to go on a bike ride. We are going to drive the bikes over to Stone Lake, which you will remember as the destination of last weekend's BIKE WITH (OR WITHOUT) MELINDA event.

I slept really well last night, notwithstanding that I was on a camping mat. I had good ear plugs in that blocked out just about every possible awakening sound (largely dog sounds, since Buddy is up here with me, along with my folks' two dogs).

We ate a wholesome, granola-ish breakfast this morning, which included things like kefir, flax seed meal, and nuts. My dad made a slightly burned oatmeal and I made strong coffee.

After that, I read an article in Rolling Stone about "Mittens" and Bain Capital. That company (and Mitt) really scares me. The scariest part is that they think what they are doing is good for America, buying out companies and then sticking everyone else with the bills, while they profit through bonuses and fees. They swoop in, make millions, and then get out before the companies realize they've been duped, and subsequently go bankrupt. If people only knew, the election in November would be a no contest.

I am happy that I no longer follow commercial, mainstream media. I know some will argue that Rolling Stone is commercial, mainstream media, but I disagree. It's very liberal and values-oriented.

This coming week culminates with a bonus from work in my bank account, along with a totally unnecessary meeting with upper management. You know how I feel about upper management. If they stay cool, they will not be harmed.



10 Minutes - Rock Fuel

Hi. It's Joe.

Dudes who work at pizza places swagger around acting aloof and cool, but they still are dudes who work at a pizza place. There is no amount of chubby, comic book afficianado smugness that can trump that sad fact. Don't get me wrong. I worked at a pizza place in high school. I did not aspire to it. I did not take pride in it. Indeed, it sucked. And so I more or less embraced the suck, did my time, and got out.

That said, I do like the fact that the employees at Roman Candle Pizzeria in Middleton WI seem to enjoy their jobs. That is mainly because I am here waiting for them to whip me up a couple of 'zas and I would be a lot more worried about spittle or fingernails in the pizza sauce if these were malaise-ridden, angsty, service drones who hated THE MAN.

The Roman Candle is a good place. They have a ton of vegan and veggie options for the pizza. It's not cheap, but I give them high marks for accommodating granola types and style.

I decided to be generous and spring for 2 pizzas for HIATUS band practice tonight. Lord knows I have consumed a decent amount of the band's hard earned beer fund, so it is about time I contributed. Not that my rocking awesomeness is not payment enough, but I am just that kind of guy.

So here I sit at Roman Candle waiting for them to complete the "rock fuel" that will power the band practice of the greatest and best Wisconsin cover band to date.

These hipster pizza dudes have no idea what their toils are going towards. If they did, they would bow down before me and offer me the 2 pizza pies for free, with much humble praise and prostration. But I am not looking for accolades. I just want a belly full of pizza to tide me over during the martial arts exercises that compose a HIATUS band practice.

On Thursday September 20, HIATUS puts all our skills to the test when we rock the arses off the people at Capital Brewery in Middleton. 5 to 9 PM.

Be there.




10 Minutes - A Fabulous Weekend to Kickoff Summer's Remaining Fortnight and a Half

Hi. It's Joe.

Everyone says Labor Day weekend (this weekend) is the end of summer. But per my usual resistance to convention and THE MAN, I say NO. At the very least, I am going to argue that the Autumnal Equinox marks the end of summer, since it is conventionally called the first day of fall. So there!

And guess what...the Autumnal Equinox for 2012 is on September 22 at 10:49 AM. That's like 3 weeks away! We have three more weeks of summer, so use them to the fullest.

You want to know what else? My band HIATUS's amazingly awesome high energy rock-n-roll show at Capital Brewery on Thursday September 20 (5-9 PM) is still within the "summer" time window I have laid out forthwith.

In fact, you may as well consider the HIATUS show as the last great live music concert of 2012, and therefore attend, because you will regret it if you don't. Although there will certainly be HIATUS shows throughout the fall, (long) winter, and spring (we play about once a quarter during the off season), the September 20 show will be the last and final SUMMER SHOW for the band in 2012, and you'll miss it if you don't come, and have to wait until the summer of 2013 to see us at another summer show. You have been notified.

This Labor Day weekend, as in years past, is BIKE WITH (OR WITHOUT) MELINDA, my social bike riding event in Shell Lake WI. As such, you can think of BW(OW)M as the kickoff to the last 3 weeks of summer, and hardly a concluding event (the HIATUS show would be that).

There is still time to get your arse up to BIKE WITH (OR WITHOUT) MELINDA, if you act fast. If you are a Neg Nellie who is resigned to the fact that summer ends this weekend, then don't come. We don't want any Deb Downers up here. But if you concur with my assessment of the extension of summer for another three weeks, then you should be here, or at least on your way.

See ya.