10 Minutes - A Fortnight

Hi. It's Joe.

I get so sick of a-holes in the media gesticulating madly about how nail bitingly close the election is going to be in a fortnight. It's bullshit. How do they know? They aren't smarter than you. They don't have crystal balls. They don't even have regular balls. They are spineless and disgusting. They don't really know a goddam thing.

The truth is, they WANT the election to be a nail biter, because it's good for ratings in the mainstream media. Then people will tune in, justifying the advertising spent by the corporate underwriters of the mainstream commercial media.

It's not going to be a nail biter though. Somebody is going to win the election decisively, notwithstanding a ton of election fraud that no one pays attention to because they are too hypnotized by the election hype going on.

You want to know how I know the election is not going to be a close, nail biting race?

Math. Specifically, statistics. And more specifically probability.

Of all possible outcomes, a nail biter has a pretty low statistical chance of being the actual outcome. It is only one outcome among several non-nail biting outcomes, all of which have a fairly equal probability of occurrence (distributed pretty evenly around the bell curve). There is a chance, but based on the probability of other, non-nail biting outcomes, it has a very low chance. That is to say, you will probably know who the next President will be before you go to bed on Tuesday November 6th.

Political pundits are jackasses who don't know a damn thing. They spout off to generate hype and frenzy. They want you to tune in for this nail biter that they know full well is going to be a sleeper. But they have to pretend it will be a very close race. Indeed, some of them want it so bad, they probably really believe it. The longer the thing drags on, the better the ratings.

It is a pretty simple thing to understand. Mainstream media is lazy. They don't want to do real journalism. They want to throw chum in the water and attract sharks (advertisers and the consumers who parasitize them). Everybody loves sharks. Nothing beats a good feeding frenzy.

The mainstream media remember the election in 2000, how it dragged on for months and the Supreme Court had to step in. They ate that up. They had their work cut out for them and they could just sit back and let the advertising dollars roll in as people sat mesmerized over perhaps the stupidest election ever.

It's like watching helicopters chase O.J. Simpson's white truck. There was not a single redeeming aspect of that whole situation. It wasn't educational, it wasn't even entertaining. It was just chum in the water, irresistable hype, and the mainstream media knows that the American public is powerless to resist it.

And one last thing. Obama is not that different from Mittens. They are both corporatists selling out to the highest bidder. Obama may fraternize with slightly less distasteful types, and he has values, that's clear. But the fact is, both men are restrained by corporate handlers. There is a very narrow margin of things they can do or say. Neither one has policies that will save America. Mittens may drive us off the cliff a bit faster, if he has his druthers, a la G.W. Bush style policies. But corporatism is fascism, no matter how you cut it, and both men are leading us toward the cliff edge. The only difference is that Obama is trying to slam on the brakes (the lines have been cut by bankers, oil men, and corporate crooks though) and Mittens is gleefully stomping on the gas.

What's your poison?


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