10 Minutes - Bundle of Hiss Blockage

Hi. It's Joe.

I went to the doctor this morning for an annual physical. She took an EKG and after she looked at it, she said I have a bundle blockage or something in my Bundle of Hiss. You don't need to know my medical history and HIPAA says I can tell you to F off if you ask, but suffice to say I am in perfect health.

I just think it is cool that humans have a Bundle of Hiss in their hearts. This must be the part that causes mean people to hiss at you and spit venom everywhere they go. I am kind of glad mine is blocked.

My doctors appointment took forever this morning. I had them run some tests just checking for any kind of acute or chronic malady. Why not, right? It's on The Man's dime.

I scheduled myself for a massage tomorrow at 11 AM. I picked that time mostly because I have a horrible meeting at work tomorrow. It is supposed to end at 10:45, but it always goes over. This way they can go over all they want, I just won't be there because my appointment is my out. There's not a damn thing they can do or say about it, because they scheduled the meeting to end at 10:45. I have a schedule to work around.

Piano lesson tonight should be a little bit painful, but only because it is an hour long. I practiced and I feel like I made a lot of progress. But I am still weak in a few areas. That's OK though. My teacher can't expect me to 100% master everything he assigns. He needs to have more stuff to teach me.


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