10 Minutes - DITA and XML Synergies

Hi. It's Joe.

I am on the bus. I ended up not taking the bus yesterday, even though I said I was going to. I remembered that I had foolishly (and wisely) booked a massage therapy session during the day yesterday, and even though it is a very weak excuse, I decided that I might need my car to get to it on time. But that's a bogus excuse because it is right near work and I totally could have walked to it.

Anyway, I drove yesterday. This ended up being a good idea, because I worked late and then met some coworkers at Sprecher's for a team building exercise. I stayed at Specher's until after 9 PM, because we ordered food. I am counting all the time at Sprecher's as work time because I "built team" with coworkers and we talked about work. Upper management doesn't recognize the value of team building as part of company productivity and cohesion, but the employees do. In fact, management frowns on employee fraternizing outside of work, because we often plot their undoing. They can't stop us though. They just don't sanction it. But we employees have actual real work to do, so if there is value in team building as far as efficiency and productivity, we do it. THE MAN can bite me.

On the bus yesterday, I was also going to read my Kindle book on DITA and XML. If that sounds really boring, it's because it is. But, this knowledge will make my work/life balance a lot easier in the future, by minimizing work and thus maximizing life. I work in documentation, and single sourcing using DITA maps and XMLs greatly eases workload. So I will be able to give myself a raise a lot more often by getting my work done sooner. More team building and less working for THE MAN.

Reading about work related stuff on the bus is also "billable" time, as far as I am concerned. Even though management at my current employer has foiled my aspirations at upward mobility, that doesn't mean I can't still do managements job for them. Properly. More golf outings for them means less annoyance at work for me and my coworkers.

I had better go read.


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