10 Minutes - Frankenblizzard May Disappoint...

Hi. It's Joe.

For the past three days everyone has been saying what a whopper of a blizzard Wisconsin is supposed to get tomorrow. They even named it Winter Storm Draco.

Sounds scary! But it probably won't be.

Setting aside the fact that Draco means Dragon, which is a poor analogy for an icy blizzard (maybe it's an Ice Dragon?), I think if you are going to give it such a sensational name, it should have to live up to that name.

Don't get me wrong, I hope it does. But right now weather.com is saying that the whole lotta snow we were supposed to get is going to be a whole lotta rain instead, at least in the morning tomorrow.

My buddy in Iowa, who was also expecting apocryphal snowfall earlier today said the flakes didn't even start falling until late afternoon. We are both very non-plussed.

I hope that Mother Nature takes this blog post as a taunt and blizzards the @#$% out of us. But it hasn't even started snowing here in S.E. Wisconsin yet. It was supposed to kick off about 5 PM and it is coming up on 9 PM. Nothing...

Bring it, bitch!

Even if it is rain, though, it looks to be a nasty icy freezing rain, and I ain't driving in that. I just wish the mainstream media could check in with reality once in a while. Our media has become so focused on hype that they don't even bother with truth anymore. They tell it like they want it to be, not how it is. We are told what they HOPE is the case. And believe me, they hope for the worst.

It's disaster capitalism, pure and simple.

Remember how this last presidential election was "too close to call" for months, a "real nail biter" right up until election day. They were saying we might not know the outcome for weeks after the election. The mainstream media loves that kind of stuff and so they wished for it. It gives them something to report on and keeps viewers watching, which makes the advertisers happy.

Then Obama sailed on through and crushed Mittens like a bug, bewildering the dumbshit pundits.

I called that nonsense weeks ahead of time. Don't believe me? Check it out, bitches: http://joescoffeefix.blogspot.com/2012/10/10-minutes-fortnight.html.

Then, when this CT shooting happened last week, the media f-ed up all their facts right out of the gate - wrong guy, mom wasn't a teacher at the school at all, there was no evidence of mental illness, and on and on. They made all that shite right up. Is anyone going to call them on it? Of course not, so that is why they know they can shoot first and ask questions later (sorry, bad pun). There is no punishment of any kind for lying. They just publish a "correction" later that no one will notice anyway. Our society is built on lies.

They wishfully thought what they were saying was true, I grant you. They wanted, nay needed, it to be true, for the ratings. We live in a media fantasy land that bends reality. And if you watch mainstream media, you are getting fooled.

Lastly, the mass media so badly wanted a mega blizzard tomorrow, with deaths and disaster. They eat that stuff up. Disaster pays the bills and it's like they collectively WILL news to happen that just isn't going to f-ing happen. You can't WILL reality. Stop trying, cockass media.


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