10 Minutes - Gingerbread Zombies

Hi. It's Joe.

A happy X-mas Eve to all and to all a gingerbread zombie apocalypse.

I hope to someday get this song into the holiday song repertoire. I realize it may be a long time coming. But it's a fun one for the more irreverent among us. You've got songs like Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for the secular folks, but really nothing for the irreverent.

I think GINGERBREAD (ZOMBIE) ARMY could fill that gap.

Well, the 3 day Christmas Eve is on its third day. I am enjoying it. My folks are coming today. I am hoping to run through a few jazz songs with my pops, but that might have to wait until Wednesday. They will be tired from their road trip today. I have a jazz gig on Thursday and my pops is going to hopefully sit in on a few numbers. Wednesday is wide open for song practicing.

There will be more dogs than people in my house this week. But that's true all the time, in actuality. Now that I have adopted Foster, it's 2 to 1 beast vs. man.


Well, I should probably run a few more jazz numbers before my folks get here. Have a fun holiday!


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