10 Minutes - I Got a Kindle for Android (The End is Nigh!)

Hi. It's Joe.

Guess what I did?

Well, I suppose you don't have to guess, because I put a spoiler right there in the title of this post.

I have had a Kindle on my Mac computer for a while, but I seldom read books when I am sitting at my computer. I am more likely to watch Netflix.

However, my phone comes with me everywhere. When I take the bus to work (like I will today), I have a lot of time to do reading or writing. I used to take books with me, and I still might if I already have a hard copy book I want to read. But I have a few Kindle books in my library already.

The awesome thing about Kindle is that Amazon hosts my (and everyone's) book library. So no matter what Kindle I use (provided I am logged in to my Amazon account), I can access all my Kindle books.

Today on the bus I am actually going to be reading a book about writing. Whether I take the new job in Iowa or not (assuming it's offered), I need to bone up on my DITA and XML knowledge. This stuff isn't difficult, but as you know I have a penchant for quality and doing things both efficiently and correctly. This book is the highest rated one on the subject and gets 5 stars. It is also available for Kindle.

Now, when I take the bus to work, since I am doing research related to work, I can count it as work time. Better yet, it is work time where I don't have to be interrupted by e-mails, phone calls (rare), and needy co-workers.

I think I can take the bus both today and tomorrow, so I should get through a decent chunk of this beast. So far it looks like an easy read. Clear and concise. But not a book I would recommend to anyone for light reading.

Are you as geeked as I am for SUNSPOT at the Frequency this Saturday? I am heading to Iowa on Sunday, so I will still be able to go to this awesome show.

Well, I have to go get ready and catch the bus. Ciao!



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