10 Minutes- Letting It Go

Hi. It's Joe.

Before this post, I wrote a quite lengthy post and it was pretty good.

When I went to publish it, Posterous biffed and I lost the whole damn thing. I had foolishly not saved it while I was writing it.

Now it is gone forever. I had some cool ideas about how corporate America resembles evolution by natural selection, because it is an "environment" that usually selects for mediocrity, group thinkers, and fearful employees. But it is not a conscious or conspiratorial entity that purposefully does this. It is just that selecting for such people increases its chances for survival too.

Independent outside the box thinkers are dangerous to corporate America (think Unions), which is why upper management is so mediocre.

I am sorry that you missed the full text of my thoughts on that.

But the purpose of this blog is for me to practice the mechanics of writing. While I appreciate that you guys read it (presumably because the writing is decent as a result of 2 years of practicing said mechanics), it is really for my betterment as a writer.

So, I can let it go. I got the practice in, even though no evidence of it remains.

Next year, I am going to write a book. It's going to be an entertaining treatise on my field work in corporate America (12+ years, and I still have my soul...). Presumably, some of the followers of this blog will give it a read. I am going to publish it on Kindle, with a publish on demand option for people who still prefer to hold a solid book in their hands when they read.

Even though you missed the blog post that was lost, you should realize that having gone through the exercise of writing it, even though it is dissolved into the cosmic ether, I am now an ever so slightly better writer for having gone through the experience of creating and then losing it.

A lesson has been learned. Sometimes you have to let things go and focus on the silver lining.


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