15 Minutes - Extendo Christmas Eve

Hi. It's Joe.

When you think about it, this weekend is kind of like an extendo three day Christmas Eve.

Christmas is on Tuesday and some people (sadly, not all) have a holiday on Christmas Eve Monday. If you also don't work on the weekend, then you basically have a three day Christmas Eve.

Who should care? No one.

I've told you time and again, I have no idea why you come here and read my blog. It is a completely useless snippet of somebody else's experience of the cosmos. Go make the most of your own section of time/space. I hope that it is "heaven on earth."

OK, so the Mayan Apocalypse didn't happen on Friday. Bummer. That is to say, it wasn't an apocalypse. The Mayans actually never said it was going to be an apocalypse. They thought it was going to be a transition to a new age, with a new calendar. We modern humans are pretty self focused sometimes. Since we use an annual calendar that we have to renew every 12 months (making for great cheap Christmas presents when you are too lazy to put any thought into a good gift), we can't get our heads around a calendar that lasts for thousands of years.

It's also kind of difficult to put your appointments and social engagements on a calendar with such a small resolution. You have to write really small and it is really hard to plan that far in advance anyway.

I am glad I have this extendo Christmas Eve. My goal is to not squander it watching Netflix. I am going to do some house cleaning. Today's goal is to clean out my bedroom and tomorrow I am going to decimate the kitchen. By decimate, of course I mean going through all the drawers and getting rid of the several years of accumulated flotsam and jetsam.

If/when I move to Iowa for a new job, I am thinking about having a "come take Joe's stuff" house party on or about January 11th. I am going to take all the stuff I don't want or need anymore and load it into the garage. Then whoever comes to the party can take their pick of what they want, on a first come/first served basis.

We'll play some foosball (nope, I am keeping that!) and probably have some jams (Yep, I am going to give away some music equipment, if any fellow musicians are still reading this...again, why? Are you daft?).

If that is the weekend I have to move though, then I will have the house party on Saturday January 5th. There is also the Big Lebowski Annual Bowling outing to factor in. We usually do that after the first of the year one of those weekends. So whichever weekend is NOT the house party will be the bowling outing. I hope you can make it to one or both.


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