15 Minutes - A Sick Day for Me and Foster (Whilst Buddy Reposes on My Bed)

Hi. It's Joe.

My new dog. Foster, is at the vet today. I took him in for a checkup yesterday to make sure all his vaccines were up to date. On Christmas day, he tore one of his overly long paw nails and was in a lot of pain. Hang nails are painful for people, but they are really painful for Boston terriers, I guess, because he was yelping and wimpering when it happened. After the inital pain though, he quieted down and then just limped around for a day until I took him to the vet on Wednesday. During his checkup, the vet discovered that Foster's teeth have a lot of tartar buildup and they would need to be cleaned. They have to put dogs under the juice for that. I guess they don't like clean teeth. So today I took him in for a teeth cleaning, and while he is under the juice, they will cut back all his nails.


I have a cold. It is mostly congestion and a cough. But that's misery enough to skip work. I totally can't believe my workplace didn't give us the whole week off. Say what you want about the vitamin company I used to work for (and there is a lot to say...), but they always gave us a week off at Christmas. You could choose one of two weeks to take off. They still operated with a smaller staff, because some people would take off one of the weeks and some people would take off the other week. My current employer is just mean. But that's OK, because I don't plan to be there too much longer.

I hope the Iowa company I applied to gets back to me soon. It has been a week and a half already. I really hope I get an offer. It's a superb organization, and they treat their employees with respect. They seem to value the autonomy of employees, expecting them to do their work and produce high quality end products with minimal supervision. I am not sure how long a company can maintain such a model, because it takes a lot of effort to seek out self starting employees like myself. It becomes even harder as you grow bigger, because there are more people involved and too many cooks can spoil the broth. My current employer can't utilize this model, because it is far too late for them. I totally understand. Even though there are some very good workers who require minimal guidance, their are a lot of super lazy, directionless people too, who need non-stop handholding. I don't know why the organization hired them, but maybe they weren't always this way. Maybe they learned apathy over time, after working at the company for a while and being beaten down all the time. They probably just gave up. I am not a quitter like that. I am very proactive. When a workplace begins to suck goat balls, I just go look for a better opportunity. I don't even fear unemployment. There really isn't any such thing. Unemployment is an opportunity to be employed at your own creative endeavors. It's total freedom. The only reason I don't quit my current job outright is because it stresses out my parents. They are depression era babies and they have a hefty (and understandable) fear of unemployment. I don't like to stress out my parents. I can tolerate this job until I find something new. I am pretty much already checked out. I do my work and that's about it. Don't get me wrong, I do it well. But I don't go above and beyond the call of duty by doing other people's work. The brain drain at my current employer has left a lot of people no choice but to leave. To stay is to settle for mediocrity.


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