20 Minutes - Resolve

Hi. It's Joe.

I am grateful to have a job, but not for the fearful panicky reasons most people have for this gratefulness, as they cling to an illusion of job security. I actually prefer self-employment to working for THE MAN, and I don't fear not having a job at all. In fact, in 2009, in the thick of post-Bush recession, I quit my job at the vitamin company to take a self-imposed sabbatical. That was a little bit scary, but as is often the case, the worst case scenario did not transpire. I was not in debt and homeless. My house was not re-possessed. Thanks to wise money management and an awesome investment advisor, I had a nice little piggy bank to supplement my meager (but incredibly fulfilling) self employment income. I used the time to improve myself as a musician and writer, I took classes on running a small business and I learned a ton.

There is really no such thing as not having a job. If not working for THE MAN is viewed as an opportunity, it's quite liberating. You can pursue your hobbies and passions, and if all goes well, you can even farm out your talents to people in need. One of my ex-girlfriends did house keeping when she was out of work, and she made twice as much money doing that as she ever did working minimum wage. If you work at what you love, you aren't really working at all. I love writing and I love music. I work hard at those things. My problem is, I love them so much I have a hard time asking people for money in return for these things. I am a terrible marketer. But I am great at music and writing and I have to come to grips with the fact that if other people see VALUE in my creativity, I will (albeit humbly) accept cash in exchange.

In 2013, my New Year's Resolution is to write and self-publish my book. Hint: SUBSCRIBE to this blog if you have any interest whatsoever in tracking my progress. By claiming my resolution publicly, I greatly enhance my probability of success. The process of writing and publishing a book is a three step process. The first is the writing. The second is publishing. The third is marketing (if I hope to sell it at all...).

I am grateful to have a job because my planned book is all about having a job in corporate America - what it is like and how to be happy doing it, while not selling out. I have been working for companies for over 12+ years and I still have my soul, because I have approached the monotony of corporate life as an anthropological field study (SUBTITLE: My Life Among the Cube Drones).

So that is my resolution, and it will happen. Recall that my 2012 resolution was to learn jazz piano, and I have been successful (still learning, but taking regular lessons and committed to continuing on the long term).

The writing of a book is pretty straightforward, just hard work, discipline, and DOING IT. I love writing, so I just need to put in the time (I have no issue telling THE MAN to step off, if HE interferes...THE MAN is not a real man...he is the anthropomorphized imaginary manifestation of the American corporate group mindset...think about it! I have no problem resisting an anthropomorphized imaginary manifestation of the American corporate group mindset...). For the past two years I have been doing this 10 minutes of daily writing to practice. It's made me strong.

Publishing on Kindle is so easy nowadays (and free) as to be a negligible issue. The real hard, and somewhat distasteful work, will be marketing. I need to let people know the book exists and make people realize why they should read it.

Following my blog is a good start. CLICK HERE is you want to. Then just type your e-mail in the box on the right. If you don't want to, I am not going to force you. Lord knows I don't need anymore stuff in my inbox either.

Are you still reading this post? An English teacher with several publications under his belt told me once that the only thing a good writer needs to do is to get people to turn the page. He was making reference to actual paper books, but you get the point. If you have scrolled down this blog and are still reading it, I've not failed. To prove I have not failed, I'd like you to leave a comment below (or on my FACEBOOK page, where this post will automatically appear as soon as I click PUBLISH).


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