10 Minutes - Eye of the Storm

Hi. It's Joe.

Today is February 13, and that is a very interesting fact. This date falls between Charles Darwin's birthday on 2/12, when we atheists celebrate his discovery of evolution by natural selection and how awesome we are for winning the 3.5 billion year lottery that is life on earth, and Valentine's Day on 2/14, when I face the reality that my Darwinian fitness is extremely low, probably because of my atheism, which is despised by almost everyone with an inkling of religious belief, no matter that said beliefs are completely irrational and unscientific. Atheists are the people that God fearing folk least want their daughters to date, and no doubt this has been my experience. Then again, I rather like the free agent bachelor lifestyle, notwithstanding the stigma that goes with that (their problem, not mine). I get to hang out with multiple people and can have recreational partners at will (not that I do...I am not that type of guy...but I could), even though such liasons would not improve my fitness in the strictly Darwinian sense (hopefully). There are no restrictions on behavior relating to the awkward state of having a mate. I can go hang out with my female friends and no one is going to criticize me for it. I am not saying I wouldn't like to find a soul mate, just that until I do, this free agent, devil may care lifestyle works just fine for me. In any case, a true soul mate would have trust in me and not feel threatened by other women, by definition (nor would I probably feel inclined to visit with other women, if I was with a true soul mate).

So I encourage all my domesticated friends to go out and enjoy your Hallmark mandated romantic holiday. If that's important to you, why not? But I choose to be a libertine.

For now anyway. The other great thing about being a free agent is that I am totally open to change and opportunity. I could find myself in a relationship tomorrow, if opportunity presented itself and I wanted to make that happen. Ironically, many of my past relationships seem to have started or ended around this time frame. I can't say there is a connection. But let's assume there is.


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