10 Minutes - Spread Out Over About 25 Minutes

Hi. It’s Joe.


The nice thing about waking up butt early is going to work butt early, which means leaving work early, which means making time for FAWM songs and piano practice tonight.


There are two ways to circumvent bogus rush hour traffic, which a recent study suggests may cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars (duh!). One is to drive to work before it and the other is to drive to work after it. I usually take the latter approach, because I usually do not get up butt early. I am not a morning person.


But today, I am really glad I drove in early, beating the idiots and chaos on the roads, because of THIS. If I had commuted post rush hour today, I would probably have encountered the after effects of this, if not the direct effects. Rush hour traffic usually dies down about 8:30 AM in Madison WI, but when something like this happens, everything goes right to shit and all bets are off.


This is another reason why I like to take the bus. Even though it is a much longer commute, don’t have to deal with hardly any grief. I can read books and write my own book and shit, while someone else deals with the imbeciles on the road. It’s like having a chauffeur who only costs $4 (bus fare is $2 one way; less if I buy a 10 ride pass, which I need to go do right now).


I am ahead of schedule on FAWM songs this year. My goal this year is to try some unique and different things, perhaps emulate other bands or musical genres. I tried that with the surf rock genre, with lackluster success. But it about the doing, not the achieving. One thing I want to try is doing a techno trance dance mix entirely using analog recorded voice simulations of the various sounds. I mean, it can never be truly analog, because it is digital recording. But I mean I am not going to use electronics to generate the sounds, but rather my voice. This one might be a work in progress, but I want to get a start on it tonight. I also have to disclaim that I might cheat a little bit and add some effects to the various vocal lines, like pitch correction and some flanges and choruses and other ambient atmospheric effects that give trance music it’s underlying qualities.



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