15 Minutes - Happy Birthday, Darwin!

Hi. It's Joe.

Today is Charles Darwin's birthday (1809, if you are curious).

Charles Darwin is the closest thing to God we atheists have, although objectively speaking, Alfred Wallace pretty much simultaneously came up with the theory. I am not going to get into that. Sir Isaac Newton is typically the one to whom calculus is attributed, but Gottfried Leibniz, Newton's contemporary and rival, also landed upon it around the same time.

The common feature here is that these people were contemporaries of each other, and if you have an open, analytical, and free thinking mind, there is no reason you should not come to similar conclusions based on observations of the reality around you.

That is the great thing about reality. It waits for no one. You can believe whatever you want and more power to you. Nay...GOD BLESS YOU! Let's just go for broke. The point being, you don't know shit. Reality will just keep on keeping on, with or without you.

But, let's be honest, wouldn't you rather reality included you in it's embrace?

I know I do.

Humans are social animals, and we dig hierarchy. We like patriarchs and leaders and father figures.

But reality don't give a shit. Reality is like Honey Badger.

"Look at that sleepy fuck!"

To tell you the truth, the evolutionary traits that make us so social and adaptable are the same ones that obstruct us from knowing reality. I am actually quite amazed that Charles Darwin was able to evade his fairly religious upbringing and discover reality like he did.

But at the same time, once you realize Darwin was a free thinking non-conformist largely isolated from mainstream media (aboard the Beagle), and on vacation off the coast of Ecuador...yeah, it all kind of does start to make sense in a weird way.

But you don't need to see eye to eye with me. I refer you to my comrade above, the Honey Badger. He don't give a shit. He eats larva.


Watch What Darwin Never Knew on PBS. See more from NOVA.



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