20 Minutes - Awesomeness

Hi. It's Joe.
There are two kinds of people in this world.
Awesome people.
And not so much.
As best I can tell, the world has about 10% to 15% awesome people. To some this might even seem a little high. But trust me, the awesome people are out there.
It's rather subjective though.
I honestly think that you, my reader, is awesome.
I appreciate that you take the time to read what I write. I strive to entertain you.
Today, I have to say I was pretty awesome. I didn't have to be, but I was.
A huge project is coming due at work, and due to a lot of factors, a lot of last minute stuff came in. But it was Friday and everyone was checking out for the week. So I found myself alone facing a horde of Mongols (a metaphor for a pantload of work).
I could have turned tail and fled. No one would hold it against me, least of all THE MAN (not a real man). In corporate America, there is little reward for going above and beyond the call of duty. I know full well, I shant get a reward. And no one was expecting me to act any different. That's just the way it is in cube drone land.
But I would have held it against myself if I did not face the foe and crush it.
I did so.
I can't really say that I did it alone. I was working with some pretty awesome engineers who were definitely pulling their weight. We worked long and hard and I think we more or less met the day's objective. There is more to do, and I fully expect to have to go to work on Sunday. That is totally fine.
I got a real sense of satisfaction from kicking total ass. I wasn't doing it for a reward, except personal satisfaction.
I hope that it earned me some human capital at work, but it probably didn't and that's not why I gave it my all. Well, to tell you the truth, I did gain human capital with the people that mattered, the engineers I was working with toward the common goal of completely dominating a handful of document updates for a product launch.
After it was done, I wasn't exhausted. I was energized by the victory. I then went and applied to like three writer jobs online. I am still hedging my bets as far as job opportunities. My current situation is not good, a fact made tolerable only by the idiotically huge sums of cash they are paying me to stick around (I am definitely earning it too!). I am a linchpin, an indispensable asset. They know they need me. But they have to earn me. And they had better start listening to me if they want to keep me around. I am brazenly anti-corporate bullshit. I am not a manager but I am at the top of my game in what I do. I know it inside and out and I know exactly what they need to do to succeed, if they will only listen.
I saw a job posted for a marketing writer with a technical writing emphasis. I snapped that right up. I kind of want to get back into the kind of science and technical popular writing I used to do at the vitamin company, and this opportunity sounded like a good one for bridging the gap.
I am glad more people are reading my blog, or so they tell me. I have no idea why, but I hope they are entertained. I only do this damn blog because I am honing my creative writing talent with my book writing goal in mind. So I guess if people are reading this blog, my writing is decent. Perhaps not awesome, but decent. And decent is good enough if it makes people want to read my book.
The book is about corporate America and since that is what I often talk about with this blog, happy readers are not a bad thing at all.
I need to write more FAWM songs this weekend.

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