25 Minutes - Strong Sauce

Hi. It's Joe.

This morning, I am all about the strong sauce, as opposed to the weak sauce. Truth be told, I am seldom into the weak sauce. I have an almost uncontrollable hatred for weak sauce, which is probably my Achilles heel. Not to say I don't sometimes inadvertently firehose some weak sauce onto things. But when I do, I feel really bad about it and try to remedy the situation. I am not what I call a "weak sauce weasel," someone who produces weak sauce and then tries to weasel out of it by blaming other people or unfortunate circumstances. While those obstacles may be a part of the problem, they can't be used as excuses to avoid responsibility for the weak sauce stains all over everything. People need to own their shit and take pride and responsibility in it. If it is not your shit, you don't have to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders and try to take ownership of other peoples' shit. Focus on your shit and own the shit out of it. I said shit a lot there. Sorry.

I think it boils down to personal responsibility and being a realist (neither a pessimist nor an optimist). Accepting reality, good or bad, is the best way to go through life. Celebrate the good and deal with the bad. But always keep it real. There is meaning in those words. Real meaning. When people say "keep it real," they often have no idea what they are saying or why they are saying it. But it often means something. It means accept reality and take ownership for your plot of the reality space. No one else is responsible for your reality space, and you and only you can choose to make your reality space awesome or weak sauce.

It is presumptuous and weasely to burden others with your reality space. This manifests itself as energy vampirism. You know the kind of person...you avoid them because being in their presence or talking to them drains your soul of life force and leaves you feeling dirty. Negative Nellies or Debbie Downers are common terms for these people. What these people are doing is abdicating ownership of their own reality and expecting whoever is around them (you) to bear the burden. There are ways to become immune to energy vampires. You have to neutralize their negativity with positivity. They hate this. You make positive suggestions to them about how they can get a handle on their own shit (sorry). You make it clear that you know what they are doing, trying to get you to carry their shitload (sorry) for them. You make them take ownership of their reality and not accept their victimization mentality.

Problems arise when you try to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders. There is nothing wrong with helping out a friend or family member. In fact, this is part of taking ownership. Networking and cooperating and altruistically helping people strengthens your soul. But only when the people you are interacting with are also positive energy realists who are doing their best to do their part. Then the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Anyway, I am at the Waterhouse Cafe in Lake Mills WI this morning, taking ownership of my new year's resolution to write a book. I am going to be here for about 3 hours doing writing in my book journal and forcing out some inspirado. After that, I will go home and write a FAWM song, then practice for the big rock-n-roll show tonight. GUPPY EFFECT and HIATVS are double-teaming a youth hockey fundraiser at the Capital Ice Arena. It's $10 to get in and that covers free food and beer and rock and hockey. Starts at 8 pm and goes to about 11 pm. Do come if you are in the viscinity tonight (Madison/Middleton, WI).


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