1 Minute - Jazz Night Was Promising and Good

Hi. It's Joe.

In theory, I only have one minute to write this blog post, if I am to achieve my goal of a 2 AM bedtime. But let's be realistic. I am not going to hit that goal. So even though this is theoretically only a one minute blog post, I can tell you right now that I am close to three minutes in. I am at MG's, post Tuesday jazz night at Mason Lounge. It worked out really well because I am getting a ride to the airport early in the morning from MG's wife, Heather. Since MG plays drums at jazz night, it made sense for me to make a rare jazz night appearance and then follow MG home to crash here. I could have skipped jazz night and just come to his place butt early in the morning. But that would have been a lose-lose scenario. This current scenario is win-win, although I only have about two more minutes of off the record blogging to do.

Alex was supposed to come to jazz night tonight, but I have evidence she fell into a time vortex and thus missed it. But let me tell you who did not miss it: Brian from HIATVS, Brian Olson the new guy from work and his wife, Matt Beneke from work, and a mess of random people from Madison, because it was packed at Mason tonight.

I learned many words today that violate the rule I before E except after C. For example, SEISMIC.


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