10 Minutes - An Alignment of Cosmic Forces

Hi. It's Joe.

I like cosmic harmony. I am taking a week of vacation starting tomorrow and it could not come at a better time. I managed to tie up (tie off?) all loose ends at work, so there is nothing hanging over my head. Even my boss has gone on vacation at the same time, something I did not plan, but which works in my favor as far as unexpected work emergencies. My two awesome coworkers will be able to field anything that comes in while I am gone.

Tonight, I am going to jazz night at the Mason Lounge, to hang out and enjoy myself pre-travel tomorrow. It is going to be an early morning, but my dogs are safe and sound (Buddy at the kennel and Foster with Todd and Sherry), plus my buddy MG (who is also the drummer at jazz) is going to facilitate my transport to the airport. More aptly, his wife is, because MG will be sleeping when I get up. I am hopeful that the jazz group will invite me up to play a couple of numbers. I don't really care if they do or don't, but it would be more fun if they do. It's going to be uber fun even if they don't, but my head might explode (metaphorically) if they do.

I am looking forward to some relaxation time this week. I am going to write, hang out with my family, do some much needed piano practice, eat some healthy "mountain" food, and generally chill. It's going to be nice not to have to listen to some of the whining and inappropriate people I work with, who seem to have no inner monolog, like the woman who had to announce that her pregnancy has given her a heightened "wolf like" sense of smell. TMI, good lady. TMI.

Another buddy is going to "caretake" my house for me while I am gone. Since it is on the market, I have a heightened "wolf like" sense of it's good condition, and I want to keep it that way. See, now that was a totally appropriate use of the phrase. Am I right?

So, have a great week. I will try to post some blog posts from my sister's. Also, check out the jazz piano pieces I am working on now. The strategy that is developing with my teacher is to add new songs each fortnight, to expand my repertoire and improve my sight reading skill. This is a very agreeable plan. At least until I am solid at improvisation, I will at least have some songs I can play at will.


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