10 Minutes - Colorado

Hi. It's Joe.

I am in Colorado.

I am appalled at how bad air travel has become.

I understand that TSA is comprised of surly workers, because they are a government agency and all the nice people who understand good customer service are already working for private sector companies that want to stay in business. But it would be nice if the TSA didn't treat everyone like the worst potential terrorist in the world. Niceness goes a long way toward getting people to cooperate. Well, karma will get them in the end I am sure. I certainly don't envy them. Worst job ever.

But the airports and airlines are sucking more and more too. The flight crew on the plane was totally oblivious to our existence. When I got off the plane in Denver, the attendant at the door of the plane was texting on her phone. She didn't even look up when I said, "Thank you." Note that it was SHE that was supposed to be thanking people and wishing them an enjoyable day. It's a sign of the deteriorating infrastructure in America. Very sad that the airlines are doing all the totally wrong things for the success of their business. The only thing keeping them afloat is the fact that people do need to fly places. But given a choice most people wouldn't. I certainly don't look forward to it.

However, I am glad that at least statistically, flying in a plane is safer than ever before, safer even than being in your own house. Still, safety is not enough. Safety is a bare minimum, and expected standard. Customers demand courtesy and quality customer service. Airports, the business they contain, and the people that work there all pretty much suck the balls of a goat.

Then when I went to the passenger pickup area of the Denver airport, the underpaid traffic cops were unnecessarily hassling people, causing more traffic problems than they were solving. I saw one girl getting picked up by someone and when her ride pulled over to the side to pick her up, the retarded traffic cop tried to tell her to keep moving. How are you supposed to pick someone up when the car is moving. Idiot. Well at least she gave him an earful. He was clearly wrong. It's not like she was loitering. The guy just wasn't firing on all cylinders, another case of the bottom of the barrel getting hired by airport security because all the good people were elsewhere. For my part, I moved to a different section of the pickup area so my sister would not be inconvenienced by that douchebag when she picked me up.

I took a wondrous power nap, had a great dinner with the family, and even practiced some piano. This was all after we spent the morning in Denver at a museum checking out life sized representations of the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. I am learning Green Dolphin Street on piano and my pace of learning is really starting to pick up.

Please click the thumbnail upper right to have a quick listen to the tune. I like how it jumps between a Latin feel and a Swing feel.


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