10 Minutes - Dolphin Tale

Hi. It's Joe.

Tonight I watched the feel good movie "Dolphin Tale" with my niece and nephew, who are nigh on eight years old (April 15). I had a signed copy of the DVD from my friend in Florida who works at the aquarium where this quasi true story takes place. That is to say, my friend signed the DVD and sent it to me as part of a fundraiser for her book that I contributed to. Anyway, not relevant. What is relevant is that my friend has a couple cameos and appears in the outtakes at the end. I remember when they were filming the movie and she was telling me all the trials and tribulations of it. So that was cool.

Today, we did some hiking in the Red Rocks park in Colorado Springs, where I am on vacay at my sister's.

I practiced a whole bunch of piano this morning and still feel like I am making no progress at all on improv. It is a bit discouraging. But I keep trying. I was busting some pentatonic scales on "All the Things You Are" and "On Green Dolphin Street." I suppose I am probably subconsciously getting better.

After Red Rocks, we ate Mediterranean food at the Jerusalem Cafe in Manitou Springs CO, and we all came out of there stankin' of garlic. We quickly became desensitized to the aroma, but later in the evening when my sister's BF came home, he said as soon as he walked in the house he was hit in the face with garlic, emanating still from our pores.

Played a little zombie apocalypse with my niece and nephew at the nearby neighborhood park (I was the zombie chasing them, which was nice because zombies move slowly...) and garnered the ire of my sister for teaching them the pro wrestling move called the "Flying Butt Pliers."


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