10 Minutes - Eeek! Posterous is Going Away...

Hi. It's Joe.

Posterous is going away.

They got bought out by TWITTER and apparently TWITTER told them to close up shop and focus all their efforts on TWITTER.

That's a bummer. Posterous was a good hub for automating my blog posts, sending them to social media automatically instead of manually.

I will now have to look for a new hub. What is TUMBLR like? Does it give you the autopost option? Wordpress has the autopost option for some social media, but I despise Wordpress.

This past week was fun. My writing team finally made some progress in our battle to get upper management to pull their @#$% together. I want to say we won, but knowing what I know about middle management weaseling, I cannot say for sure that they won't pull some backhanded scheme.

But recall that HONEY BADGER does not give a @#$%. There are some good people where I work. My team has told our boss we will only work with people who meet a minimum quality standard. That probably cuts the number of people we will be working with going forward to about 50%. That proportion will gradually increase as the sub par people come to realize their needs won't be met until they up their game. Our immediate boss is pretty cool. Above him in the chain it is pretty much devoid of intellect until the CEO. It's a big gap, with far too many superfluous intermediates.

Recall that scene in OFFICE SPACE where Peter reflects on the fact that he has 8 bosses.

I went to see Office Space with some coworkers on Thursday night. It was fun. They had a "Brew & View" at the Majestic Theater in Madison WI. I got in free because I had FLAIR. They were expecting people to wear buttons as flair, but instead I dressed up as Samir "Not-gonna-work-here-anymore" and even had an Innitech mug.

Last night, which was Friday night, I also met some coworkers out for some shuffleboard, darts, and pool. We ate fish fry at the Old Fashioned. My one coworker recommended the perch, and it was top notch, just like he said it would be.

Well, I am going to go explore other autoposting blog hubs now, then practice piano for a long while, before deciding what to do this evening.


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