10 Minutes - The Misfits

Hi. It's Joe.

The Misfits are kind of a dark and twisted band, but I like them, in much the same way as I like a good horror movie. If it is well done and engaging, it can be entertaining, especially if the bad guys die at the end. But even when there is a twist and the bad guys either don't die or else set the good guys up for future failure in some diabolical way, it can still be cool.

I want to go back to my musical roots and throw together a punk rock band of some sort. I want catchy and clever music, but it should be simple in composition, 4 to 5 chords per song, tops. I think it is very doable. Pedro indicated he might like to drum. The songs will be simple conceptual pieces about fairly banal topics. For example, I wrote a simple tune (lyrics only right now) about drinking coffee from a large coffee mug. It is a simple song with not much redeeming lyrical value, but it could be musically catchy, if I play my cards right.

I am geeked for my trip to Colorado at the end of the month. Tonight I am cruising down to Monroe WI to meet someone for dinner. This afternoon, I need to create some documentation demos at work. Our manager was asking us this morning if we thought a single source document model could work. I think it very well could, but I think his question was misdirected. It depends on the competency and cooperativity of the people involved. We are not the ones to ask, but I think he was asking us as a proxy for other peoples' input, for which we are a poor substitute. We still cannot read minds.


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