10 Minutes - A Monday Replete With Ideas That Need to Be Implemented

Hi. It’s Joe.

I want to write some punk rocks songs. I was inspired by a really good band from Chicago that played up in Oshkosh when I was there this past weekend. They are called VOICE OF ADDICTION and they put on a great show. I scored their vinyl record, even though I don’t currently have a vinyl record player. But I should remedy the latter situation, because I have a milk crate full of vinyl records at home I want and should be able to listen to. However, VOICE OF ADDICTION’s record also has an online download option. So I can still throw the songs on my iPOD.

They are also on SPOTIFY: Voice Of Addiction – Reduce Reuse Resist.

Tell me what you think.

Anyway, I have been trying to come up with clever but simple lyrics to use for songs, and I have made some headway. I think I will take the approach of writing words first and sculpting music to go with it second. In the past, this approach has not worked for me very well. But to tell you the truth, neither has the approach of writing music first and trying to fit lyrics. With the latter approach, I tend to come up with better melodies in the songs, but the lyrics end up being “filler,” just to be able to put a vocal line to the song. When I write lyrics first, they are sometimes quite good, but then the music I write to accompany it tends to be very simplistic and mediocre. I need to devise some kind of song writing formula.

It looks like my band will be on hiatus for a couple more weeks yet. I think I need to explore some other avenues. I am starting to get a little frustrated with a lack of musical outlets. A band needs momentum in order to make progress. HIATVS seems to have a burr jammed in the drive shaft, and pushing it along is far too much work. I want to add more songs to the repertoire and maybe even add some tasty originals. But this seems like a pipe dream, especially the latter, if we can never get together to even hone and polish the existing repertoire.

I would optimally like to start an all original punk rock/heard rock band, influenced by NOFX, Black Flag, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Bad Religion, and the like. Kind of a fusion between punk and hard rock. I guess there is really nothing for it, except to make it happen.

If I join any more generic cover bands, I have a couple of criteria. One is that it has to be a good band, with a compelling presentation, like HIATVS (only, with a regular practice schedule). The other is that I am not going to bend over backwards or do any of the business/management/sound side of things. That should be hired out or we should have a dedicated “crew” associated with the band, which gets a cut of the take for any gigs. Optimally, I would like a cover band to be like a business, with the following departments represented:

1. Bass (+ backing vox)
2. Guitar (+ backing vox)
3. Drums (+ backing vox)
4. Vox
5. Keys or Guitar #2
6. Sound guy
7. Merch girl
8. Booking agent (could double as merch girl or booking agent)


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