10 Minutes - The Next Available Rock-n-Roll Shuttle Will Be Departing In...

Hi. It's Joe.

Guess what!

My old band MOBIUS STRIPTEASE (nee MAI KIND) will be reuniting for a rare rock show in Milwaukee on Thursday April 4th. It's at the Coyote Ugly Saloon downtown from 9 to 11 PM.

That's not horribly late for a school night, if you live in Milwaukee. MG and I do not live in Milwaukee. We live in Madison, but we are geeked to rock this show with our old guitarist Wes because this band was (and will be for 2 hours only!) amazingly rocking. So some time on Thursday afternoon, we will be setting course for Milwaukee, and then the rocking will coalesce into insanity, the time/space continuum will shudder under the magnitude, and minds will be blown out.

I am still in Colorado. Today we hiked around Garden of the Gods. I played a mess o' piano this morning and I am going to do some more when I finish this post. I have been working on the tune "On Green Dolphin Street," and coming up with some tasty alt chords over which to play the melody line.

I am getting more into jazz. I have even convinced my rock guitarist buddy Brian to toy with the idea of exploring jazz, mainly as a tool to explore music theory and improvisation in more depth, which in turn will be applied to the rocking.

I would like to form a jazz trio or quartet, with me on piano, that is a little more rock-n-roll than your average lounge jazz act. A little more upbeat and edgy, but not in the realm of fusion jazz, which is kind of weak sauce in my opinion. Staying true to the bebop improvisational structure, but with just more beef added.

I'd like to play piano and find a beginner standup bass player who is not too good. I bet we could easily find one at the Madison Music Foundry. So we would have me on piano (beginner), Brian on guitar (advanced rock player but beginner on jazz improv), and some pimply kid on bass who is just starting out. Then everything will come full circle, because I was once a pimply kid learning standup bass until I switched over to electric bass, and by association rock-n-roll instead of jazz.


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