10 Minutes - Taking Control of Your Own Destiny

Hi. It's Joe.

This weekend, I am taking a trip up to Oshkosh with the lads (Buddy and Foster). My realtor wants to host an open house at my house, which is for sale, on Sunday. So if figured I would stay out of the way by getting out of town. She is taking a deep cut of the sale proceeds, should my house sell, and so she may as well earn her keep.

I am going to a VIP beer tasting event with my buddy Todd on Saturday night. There is also some sort of artsy thing going on Sunday that I will attend with friend Sherry, Todd's GF. Should be really fun.

There is a chance of ugly weather, so I will have to plan travel accordingly. Maybe I will head up to OK tonight. We shall see.

Right now, I am at work. I am going to drop off a book for a coworker. We were talking about it last night.

I want to encourage everyone to take control of your own destiny. It really is a life and death matter. Anxiety and stress are linked to morbidity and mortality. They are physiologically caused by a negative lack of control in your environment, such as the workplace. This is also known as "distress," or bad stress. Eustress is good stress, like when you are doing something challenging, but fun and by choice, like snowboarding or a hard crossword puzzle. But under no circumstances should you let anyone else control your destiny, such as a douchy boss. That is distress and you can honestly use "self defense" as a rationale against it, because bad stress kills (or maims).


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