10 Minutes - This Day Is Joyously Almost Over

Hi. It's Joe.

I should clarify that when I say this day is joyously almost over, I actually mean that the non-joyous part of the day (i.e., work) is almost over, such that the joyous part of the day can soon begin.

You see, it is Thursday. And Thursday is the day that a few of us work peeps get together and socialize at the Capital Brewery in Middleton WI after work. By Thursday night, the work week is nigh over, especially for us highly productive and efficient types. We don't care about Friday too much, as most of our solid work was accomplished way early in the week, per the 80/20 rule that we follow - we get 80% of our work done in the first 20% of the work week and (following the progression) about 96% of it is done in 40% of the work week. So really we are achieving an A grade some time early on Wednesday morning and everything else we do for the week has a law of diminishing returns that is directly proportional to how much beer we will drink at Capital.

That is not to say my job sucks, just because it isn't joyous. My job is actually pretty easy and I rock at it. I am a little amazed by how much they pay me to do it, too. But whatever. They agreed to it, when they had the chance to be rid of me, so they are stuck with me now. I am rather indispensible. Without me, documentation actually might suffer a significant blow. So I don't mind 80/20 action and taking 'er easy on Fridays.

The only non-joyous part of my job is some of the angry, bitter, cynical people my team is forced to deal with some days. I usually block them out with punk rock music, but my other teammates are less fortunate. We really hate interacting with some of these people, mostly because of the inappropriate things they say.


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